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August 26, 2005

it antiques roadshow

this week has been quite strange, to be sure.

to top it off, saw a bay networks 8 port 10base-t hub in service this week on a production network.

what a trip down memory lane. the full circa-1997 networking experience, including a manual crossover switch, and an additional port with both bnc and aui connectors on the back.

the good part: i ended up tracing the reported problem (no connectivity between any devices on the network) to the manual crossover switch. it had been pushed, which dropped the uplink to the half of the network with the dhcp server. no dhcp, no addresses, no connectivity. so…i pushed a button, and…voila!

the really bad part: besides the aforementioned issue, this museum piece had been put in as the core device on this production network. which meant that two of the devices on this network which transfer very large graphics and publishing files all the time only had a usable bandwidth of 10Mbps half-duplex.

and there was a modern 5 port switch, capable of 100Mbps full-duplex, hanging off to one side of the network. connecting one machine that basically accessed the internet, and nothing else.

so, a network change had been implemented that not only drastically hampered the performance of the network, but also made it much more likely to have a major failure.

and the only reason is because the change was done in a rush, without proper planning or knowledge about the impact of such a change.

knowing what you are doing…there is no substitute.

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August 25, 2005

if i should rip something out

then why am i being tested on it?

looking back is one thing. i admit…i’m a sucker for a good in my day, we didn’t have cat5 story, but let’s not go so crazy with things released long ago that we end up perpetuating some cockamamie idea that you can actually use that stuff in production.

case in point:

as part of studying for 070-291, one of the materials i’m using to review (a practice test) has in its bank of questions one with a scenario where you must configure remote access to your w2003 network for third-party contractors.

the os on the laptops being used for this access?

windows 95.

that’s right…you heard me.

and the answer?

install the dial-up networking update 1.3 on the w95 laptops.

i kid you not.

holy purina!

if, as so many folks are saying these days, we need to get serious about getting our clients to replace ancient, insecure, unsupported, not-even-being-patched stuff, then…in the name of all that is good and holy…help us out here by not making us schizo about having to still know this decrepit stuff.

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August 25, 2005


nothing worse than being sick.

except maybe having to study for 070-291 with a splitting headache.

that’s right folks…your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy feels a bit under the weather.

and, i’ll be driving 50 miles tomorrow, sitting for an exam, then driving back.

ok, enough chatter. back to the books. just wish having a light on didn’t make me wince right now.

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August 23, 2005

a short interlude…

highlighting the tranquility…of fish.


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August 23, 2005

last call: free advice for my partner peers/competitors

listen up, because i’m not going to repeat this ever again for you.

here’s a statement from the ts2 event today which should make you sit up and take notice if you are a microsoft partner who still thinks small business server is “stupid” and refuses to look at it, much lest learn it.

for the last 2 years, small business server has been either the #1 or #2 best-selling product for microsoft (trading first place off and on with office)

so…guess what?
someone’s selling, implementing, and supporting all that sbs.

and guess what else?
that someone isn’t you.

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