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August 23, 2005

it’s stupid that an mcse needs to take an exam to be a small business specialist (or is it?)

this question/statement was raised at the ts2 event today.

at first glance, this can seem to make a bit of sense.

after all, sbs integrates a lot of separate products into one product. and if you’ve already taken lots of exams on the separate pieces of sbs, why would you need to take another exam?

in my opinion, here’s why…

look again at this statement:

sbs integrates a lot of separate products into one product

in my mind, the single overarching differentiator for sbs, what makes it so very much more than the sum of its parts, is that integration.

because, unlike the other integrated bundles or suites that you typically see from software vendors, the depth of integration in sbs has given rise to new approaches and new applications which are so utterly different from what one normally sees with the individual parts of sbs, it would border on malfeasance to allow folks who haven’t really taken the time to get down and dirty with sbs to just skate and say “oh yeah, sure…i know sbs.”

or, if that sounds too high-falutin’ and uppity…how about it’s because an mcse better to learn to trust the sbs setup wizards before they frack somebody’s sbs installation up?

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August 23, 2005

stupid is as stupid thinks

at the ts2 event i mentioned earlier, i happened to overhear the following:

  • sbs sucks…and is stupid
  • sbs is slow, which is stupid
  • running exchange on a dc is stupid
  • putting everything on one server is stupid
  • not being able to add other servers is stupid
  • sbs is a good idea for companies that will never ever grow, but stupid for anybody else
  • ms is stupid for not putting all this [cool] stuff in their “real” products

now mind you, all this was being said by microsoft partners sitting in the audience immediately after a really pretty good section on sbs. unbelievable.

have to admit: i’m bothered by it only so much. if my fellow partners are…let’s say…unaware of the power of small business server, i’ll be glad to take their small business clients off their hands by beating their “real” solutions with a competitive sbs solution that delivers more value at a better price, or perhaps just exposing them as morons, if comes down to it.

if you’re too fracking stubborn, ignorant, or both to get with the program when it comes to sbs…you’re prolly not the best bet for your small business clients or prospects. feel free to send them my way.

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August 23, 2005

to ts2…or not to ts2?

a live ts2 event came to a nearby city today, so i went. one thing about attending bothered me.

my company is a certified partner. however, i noticed that nearly 99% of the audience were registered partners. and the presenter noted that ts2 live events are primarily a way for ms to keep tabs on and get info out to the registered partners, since they aren’t “field managed.”

perhaps he was simply playing to his audience. but, i’m really not so sure.

in the past, certified partners were somewhat “field managed.” as in, we had a dedicated area rep we would go to if we needed stuff.

that’s been totally chucked, and replaced by the partner support center and the partner resource desk. so, we partners are not really managed now either. and it’s been quiet…too quiet in my opinion…on the ms front.

this time of the year is typically a ripe time for us to land new work, but without the resources we need to drive client initiatives, particularly the small business specialist designation, we’re feelin’ a little lost in limbo.

but this isn’t the only reason the ts2 event was disquieting to me…as you’ll see if you read my next few posts.

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August 22, 2005

sound….of silence

robert moog passed away yesterday.

a true pioneer in electronic music, his moog synthesizer had a profound impact upon the world of popular music.

here’s an abbreviated list of artists and albums that employed a moog:

how’s that for a discography?

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August 21, 2005

papa’s got a brand-new bag

at long last, blogger added password verification.

don’t believe me?

try it now, and post a comment here.

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