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October 31, 2005

we smoked ‘em!!!

no contest at all.

now…i should say that amy (my lovely teammate) and i did not win the grand prize, which would have been a paid half-day off for each of us.

big whoop…i always have time left over at the end of every year that i never take anyway.

but the grand prize is never really the point at all when it comes to halloween at our office.

the real prize is…

being the showstopping routine that has everyone clapping and cheering and laughing and whooping it up!

in that particular regard…we absolutely decimated our competition and have bragging rights for a whole year!

so now…for your viewing pleasure…a picture of our amazing costumes:

sonny & cher

yeah, so ok…it may not look like much…but our choreography and lip-synching to the pop classic i got you babe totally rocked!!!

…and the beat goes on…

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October 31, 2005

sbs show #2 in da house!

that’s right, kiddos…sbs show #2 has officially been released!

now, those of you who subscribed to the podcast have prolly already seen that it is out!

so…those of you who haven’t subscribed yet…what are you waitin’ on?

click the pod link up in the funcave console, or simply drag it to your podcast retriever/utility or whatever you are using.

easy-peasy…which rocks!

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October 30, 2005


which is, of course, a brand-new acronym here at the funcave:

yet another brilliant idea

after seeing this item on /. tonight, i immediately thought of the riddler.

check it out…

  • susanne buys the place
  • we all pitch in and fix it up a bit…splash of paint here, merry-go-round there
  • we christen the place danseyland
  • the money comes rolling in from all the tourists!

maybe we could even get the mothership to pony up some real money. then we could finally make the top 10 rides a reality!

great googly moogly!

seriously…who needs the donald when you’ve got your friendly neighborhood happymogulboy around?

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October 29, 2005

8-0…heading for the home stretch

alabama won again this afternoon, with a dominating win over utah state.

obviously, the opponent today was never a serious threat, but at least alabama, unlike in recent years, showed they can play above the level of their opponents.

brodie croyle had an absolutely awesome day, throwing for nearly 300 yards and 3 touchdowns, including 2 touchdowns in the first 5 minutes.

d.j. hall also proved he can step up and..almost…fill the shoes of the injured tyrone prothro by making 11 catches for 157 yards and a touchdown.

so today became a nice present for the homecoming crowd, and a great boost for alabama…who travels to face mississippi state next, then squares off against lsu, and finally…the iron bowl!

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October 29, 2005

icecasting on a saturday afternoon

that’s right kiddos…most of sbs show’s 2nd episode has been recorded.

there’s one more section to record, which won’t happen until tomorrow. hopefully, the whole episode will be finished and posted monday.

some great stuff in episode 2, especially our super-special “surprise,” so stay tuned…

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