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November 26, 2005

anatomy of a truck event 1: ask…and ye shall receive

as has been mentioned in a couple of previous posts, our company hosted our very own customer event last week, which included one of the microsoft across america trucks.

see…as one of the benefits of the microsoft partner program…certified partners and above can request one of the trucks for special events.

so…we did.

about 24 hours after making the official request and filing the required paperwork to get the ball rolling, microsoft informed us our request had been approved.

the first hurdle is…where to put the truck?

altho the truck is 42 feet long and 7 feet wide when moving…once it’s parked and the wheelchair ramp and the princess leia popout sections are extended, the truck becomes 47 feet long and 13 feet at its widest.

we were fortunate that the set of parking spaces in front of one of our buildings was the perfect size for the truck. since they are public spaces, i had to secure permission from our city’s transportation department…easily done via e-mail.

so…get any necessary permits and permissions right away, and be sure to check and re-check all your measurements for space. and you will need to measure, since the logistics folks from ms will ask for closeup sketches or drawings of your proposed parking locations. i did ours using visio.

since we’re speaking about logistics…

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy needs to give a quick shoutout to ms. sharla…thanks for all your help, lady!

on to part 2

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  1. So, where are the other seven parts?

    We really need spell chceck here for us non speelers

    Fred Flinstone

    comment by Anonymous — November 27, 2005 @ 9:17 am

  2. for all the cavemen and women joining us from the town of bedrock…i added some navigation links at the ends of each section.

    sorry…no help on the spell-check tho.

    comment by happyfunboy — November 27, 2005 @ 9:37 am

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