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December 27, 2005

as good as bsg is…

it absolutely pales in comparison to the single best sci-fi series you’ve probably never seen…


your friendly neighborhood happybrowncoat had the good fortune to receive the box set of the series for christmas.

and it truly is phenomenal.

so much promise…and so little time in which to work, since the entire broadcast run of firefly encompassed only 11 episodes.

you see…from the get-go, firefly was hamstrung at every turn by executives at fox, manifested primarily in the following 2 boneheaded moves:

  • the 2 hour pilot was not shown until the very end of firefly’s run
  • firefly’s timeslot was changed 3 times

now…in a sense…yours truly feels somewhat relieved he missed the original run of firefly.

before i get pummeled by the local browncoat brigade…let me explain.

because the dvd set correctly orders and presents firefly as it was intended to be seen, including 3 episodes never shown before, my first viewing was as its creator intended…not the way some jackass executives hyped up on coke and self-importance deemed it should be doled out.

in fact, much the way the criterion collection release of terry gilliam’s masterwork brazil serves to illustrate the lunacy of hollywood and its deletory effect on the quality of films in general, the firefly dvd set also serves as a nice chronicle of the idiocy of network television programming.

the fact that firefly has the rabid fanbase it does, almost 3 years after the show was sabotaged by fox, speaks to the quality of the show.

mighty interesting that the dvd release of serenity, the kick-ass movie based on firefly, has been the top seller at amazon since its release. you might notice the firefly box set has been sitting pretty close at #3.

so…to the nimrods at fox, who did everything they could to torpedo the series…

may the fleas from a thousand camels infest your underarms!

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December 27, 2005

i hate to say ‘i told ya so’

bsg was named best tv show of 2005 by time magazine.

which rocks, for obvious reasons.

and which also means you should check this show out…also for obvious reasons.

season 3 premiere airs january 6. all monitors here at the funcave will be tuned to bsg that evening…bank on it.

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December 19, 2005

what a long strange trip it’s been…

sbs show #10 was quite a unique experience.

queenie and your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy had to make do without the vlad this episode, but hopefully we still managed to come up with something useful for you.

the show is finished, but has not yet been uploaded.
once it has, announcements will appear here at the funcave…and the normal hangouts:

the vladovian empire
queenie’s clubhouse
m&m’s magical realm

of course, if you go ahead and subscribe to sbs show, you’ll receive it automagically once it is released. how much easier can it get than that?

items we covered include:

  • lawsuit concerning mobile security & feature pack
  • outlook junk mail filter update
  • intel’s dual-core yonah chipset
  • cpc combo windows xp tablet/windows mobile 5 device
  • impact of guidance software security breach
  • microsoft’s 10 resolutions for 2006
  • xbox 360 rollout in japan
  • upcoming user group meetings

uk –

  • manchester user group – 12/19
  • kent user group – 12/20


  • michigan 70-282 study group starting in january –
  • inside sbs #13 on monday –
  • sbs show #11 w/ eriq neale
  • user groups around the world/shoutout for wayne small –
  • feedback about vendors for uk group leaders

* if you are interested in attending the asmbug webcast by susan bradley, here is the e-mail address to send any livemeeting seat requests:

and yeah…there is one obvious overdub by yours truly pretty early on in the show.

so sue me.

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December 18, 2005

editing…ye gods…the editing!

sbs show #10 is nearly complete.

for reasons that will soon become readily apparent, your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy has been the one doing the editing for this episode.

now…i never assumed it was a piece of cake or anything.

after all…yours truly does an intial rough edit runthrough for the vlad for the longer sbs shows to help shave some hours off the edit for those.

but…oh sweet mother of moses!

i’m a bit torqued that none of you here at the funcave have ever pointed out how much i say ummmm and you know.

i mean…come on!

what are friends for…other than to point out your annoying verbal tics and mock you mercilessly about them?

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December 16, 2005

we’re finally a go!

the holiday rush and a ton of work this week kept queenie and yours truly from trying to record sbs weekly #10 before tonight.

and…of course…the existing equipment at the funcave was not initially up to the task.

but after whacking the side of the nuclear pile a few times with a massive crescent wrench, and a few well-placed kicks to some thermo-couplers…your friendly neighborhood happyaudioboy can proudly say that we are all systems go for tomorrow.

big huge massive thanks to susanne “queenie” dansey for being a super super trooper and hanging in there tonight way past her bedtime.

also…can’t thank susan “the diva” bradley enough for skyping with me tonight to test the new audio config.

our sound should be rock-solid tomorrow…and we’re fairly certain we’ve got content to match.

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