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February 19, 2006

sbs show…#17 and counting!

during sbs show #16, the vlad and your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy talk to jim locke, roger otterson, and “handy” andy goodman about the small & medium business technology network, also known as smbtn.

we discuss the nature and intent of smbtn, where smbtn fits in the sbs/smb ecosystem, and what smbtn can offer to its members.

for sbs show #17, the vlad and your friendly neighborhod happyfunboy bring on a well-known member of the sbs community, and a regular over at the m&m’s magical forest…the king of swing himself, jeff middleton.

jeff talks in depth about swing migration…where it came from, what it entails, how it differs from the migration methods published by the mothership, and where both swing migration and his company,, are headed in 2006.

one of the places they are headed will be the first-ever smb nation european conference, which is coming to amsterdam less than two months from now. besides jeff, the sbs show’s very own queenie, susanne dansey, will also be there.

of course, if you subscribed to the sbs show podcast…you’d already know all this, since you’d have received both shows automagically when they were released!

so…what is one free thing you could do…today…to make sure you never miss an sbs show?

that’s easy…

subscribe to sbs show!

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