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March 31, 2006

april showers bring…

divvies…is what.

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy has a bit of a confession to make.

as much as i like to faff about (as queenie would say) and have a good time…

i absolutely loathe april fool’s day, hereafter referred to as…afd.

and i truly believe it’s because i work in it.

there is absolutely no group of people less funny than it folks…except maybe accountants.

so why do the lamebrains at c|net always think they are soooooo funny every year with their cutesy afd stories?


maybe if they spent less time whipping up their unfunny afd schlock, and instead spent that time on their real reporting…they wouldn’t sound like such a bunch of brain-dead tech wannabes 99.999999% of the time.


their afd stuff sounds a heckuva lot more accurate than what they post the other 364 days out of the year…

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March 28, 2006

podcathing hath ith benefith

for all thothe who think thbth thow is a wathe of our time, i thay…..hah! 

damn, we're thexthay!

i thill thay we’ve got the beth dental plan in podcathing, all thankth to google adth!

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March 26, 2006

vlad the server guy

git 'r done!

i don’t care who ya are…

that’s funny right thar!

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March 24, 2006

dear funcave…

with the vlad setting a stellar example this morning, today was unofficially dubbed naughty friday by the mastermind and your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy earlier in the day.

so…in keeping with today’s theme…

here’s a bit of advice from the funcave…
which isn’t the typical kind of advice from the funcave.

now…most of us in it have always spent an inordinate amount of time living virtually…either online or in our own heads before the super colossal amazing intarweb came along.

but anymore…a whole ton of everybody…not just the geeks…are doing the virtual living thing.

all which tends to explain the amazing popularity of online dating sites, both in geekland and beyond.

in the interest of full disclosure…

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy does not frequent online dating sites.

nope…no how…no way

and that’s not just because yours truly took a vow a decade ago covering that particular kind of subject.

but also because…like all things virtual…

the issue of trust takes on a whole new meaning.

as in…

how do you know that hot chick you just met is really hot?

or even really a chick?

thanks to a very good friend…
who is really a chick…

i got a bit of insight into the online dating phenomenon.

without further ado…
here is a free gift for you…

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy’s super awesome guide to not being an online dating jerkwad

- be truthful.

that’s it.

tell the fracking truth.

ok…so claiming to be some kind of adonis

when you really look more like larry the cable guy is one thing.

after all…ya gotta play up your strengths a bit and minimize your weaknesses.

kinda like on a resume.

but it’s not exactly a fine line you’re crossing when you…

- have been committed to someone for a significant period of time

- continue to meet women online

- pass it off as “nothing”

- fly to meet those aforementioned women in person

- develop relationships with those aforementioned women’s children

- do all of this simultaneously, and while ostensibly still being in the original committed relationship

no wonder bigamy is on the rise.

i mean…honestly…

serial dating?

prolly bigger problems there than just working on your game.

as in…overcompensating for some other shortcoming maybe?

better to just lease a ferrari while you get over yourself.

one last tidbit…

altho the jerkwad example above sounded like it was a guy…how do you really know?

he could, in fact, be a chick…

and how do you know my friend is really a chick?

she could, quite frankly, be a guy…

how’s that for bending your noggin a bit?

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March 22, 2006

things that make you go…

so…there’s been some chatter on one of the yahoo groups tonight about microsoft’s just announced enhancements to software assurance, or sa as it’s commonly called.

software assurance, for those who don’t know, is an add-on for volume license agreements that offers upgrade protection, plus other benefits, for products for which it is bought.

of course, your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy has been one of those who questioned the value proposition of the old sa, at least as far as the upgrade benefits go.

you see…sa can be purchased for up to a 3 year term.

which means…for up to 3 years after you purchase sa for a given ms product…you get any and all major version upgrades which are released.

well…considering that ms’ development cycle for major releases has been at least 4 years for quite a while…it seemed to me like most sa contracts aren’t worth the blood they were signed with…at least as far as the upgrade benefits go.

case in point…

windows xp shipped in 2002.
it is now the year 2006.
windows vista…the major upgrade from windows xp…has yet to ship.

but all that’s about to change!

evidently ms is looking to give a major boost to the value proposition of sa.

you can download this document to look at all the new benefits to purchasing sa, most of which go live either now…as in march 2006…or upon product release.

but…here’s something that’s bound to get a whole mess of microsoft’s registered partners in a kerfluffle…

eweek posted an article on monday which states:

For SMBs (small and midsize businesses), as part of SA, Microsoft is now offering Microsoft Information Work Solution Services, which are prepackaged consulting engagement services delivered by Microsoft Certified Partners. Microsoft also is offering a new automated Windows Preinstallation Environment tool that includes enhanced 24/7 problem resolution support, with subscriptions to TechNet Plus and newsgroups, error reporting, and cold backups for disaster recovery.

in case you missed it…

certified partners

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy…
sitting here in the funcave…
half a mile underground…
wearing his tinfoil hat…
reads that a smidge differently.

basically…yours truly sees a convergence of a ton of recent events…


best buy becoming an sbsc
best buy becoming a gold certified partner
best buy 4 business being announced

and so now i’m wondering if…

certified partner = best buy


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