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July 30, 2006

do i have the farrah poster?

alas…not since at least the late 1980s, mark.

is there any other kind of farrah poster?

but you can bet money that i did…

just like millions of other normal, red-blooded american teenage males.


snagging another would make an awesome addition to the funcave gallery, now wouldn’t it?

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July 28, 2006

entitled to share in all the rights & privileges thereof…

so my folks are visiting this weekend…

and brought this with them.


seems they finally got around to cleaning out my old room.

like…20 years after i left home.


six million dollar man = kickass!

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July 28, 2006

ie7: to block, or not to block?

mothership has set forth some additional details about the impending release of internet explorer 7.


what’s interesting is that ie7 is slated to be released as a high-priority update when it appears via the various updating mechanisms.

which means that if you use automatic updates, windows update or microsoft update…

ie7 will be thrown at you, ready or not.

and depending on your wsus configuration…

you might get wsus’d by it right out of the gate as well.

and despite reports that the installer will present users an option to defer installation…

it’s my firm opinion that any admin who relies solely on the hope that end-users will click the correct box at exactly the right moment…

should go ahead & start working on a getting a broker’s license right now.


i’d also like to know how often the notices for installation aka nagification messages will reappear.

know folks who will sometimes load something just to make the nagging go away for a while.

maybe mothership should just go ahead rename ie to microsoft internet mother-in-law?

and yeah yeah…so the current versions of the ie7 beta are removable…

assuming your os wasn’t hopelessly fracked by installing it.

but even if the ability to uninstall makes it in the final release of ie7…

removing it won’t keep ie7 from being reinstalled again via the nagification method.

hello hamsters…

let me introduce you to your new favorite toy…


never fear tho!

in an amazingly convoluted & clumsy orgy of hindsight, mothership has released a tool that will block ie7 from being auto-installed.

oh sure, they could just recategorize the upgrade to a lower level of importance, so it wouldn’t be on the list for automatic installation with the standard default update settings.

thing is, kiddos…

that would let it pros make the decision to add a major new component with significant impact on the stability & functionality to the machines & systems under their care on their own deployment & testing schedule.

what do you think this is, a democracy?

oh heck no…

much better to” upcategorize” a major release of your browser, basically terming it a security patch so that it steamrolls on down to the overwhelming majority of your installed base semi-automatically, depending largely on how well end-users are paying attention…

consequences be damned!


why is benevolent strong-arming so magically delicious?

all this reminds me quite a bit of the blocking tool they released for windows xp sp2, with one major difference.

at the very least…the ie7 blocker tool has no expiration date.

unlike the sp2 blocker, which conveniently expired on april 12, 2005.

that’s right kiddos…

the absolute worst time of the main tax deadline season for something like that to come a’rolling in to any given accounting firm here in the good ol’ us of a.

sure made for a great time for me personally.

big huge belated thanks for that to the mothership, by-the-by.

oh yeah…

the ie7 blocker requires validation too.

which, incidentally, always reminds me how enjoyable getting screened at the airport is by comparison…

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July 27, 2006

epilogue: a haiku


each day a change waits…

becomes more life to move.

 replant your tree today.

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July 27, 2006

act 13: time for revelry

after you get stuff working, even if you still have a lot left to do…

be sure to take some time & bask in the newness of everything.

hey, might as well have some fun playing with all the new doo-dads & gizmos, right?

added functionality should be one of the primary reasons you decide to migrate anyway.

give yourself some time to enjoy it.


remind yourself that it’s not really work.

begin epilogue

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