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July 22, 2006

moving off blogger: a play in 13 acts

a month or so ago…

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy had the joyous pleasure of packing everything up & moving the funcave off google’s atrocious blogger.


the reasons for this move were numerous, but primary among them were:

  • blogger’s infamous amount of downtime
  • blogger’s even more infamous level of performance
  • a severe lack of features, particularly categorization
  • hideous ways the funcave rendered in different browsers & on handheld devices

and besides that…

i got sick of having a blog url that looked like it was something dreamed up by someone on an acid trip.

the good captain had already made the leap to wordpress a while earlier…

so i knew if a floridian could handle it…

i felt pretty good about the success of the migration.

little did i realize how amazingly awesome wordpress would be…

particularly when it came to initial setup, also know as wordpress’ famous 5 minute install…

and the actual migration itself.


almost child’s play.

but if you’re gonna make the leap to wordpress from another blogging service, here are some things i noted along that way that should help your move be a smooth one.

or…at least smoother one maybe.

begin act 1

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