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August 27, 2006

ports aren’t the problem

one of my good pals, the diva herself, talks a bit today about what a pain hosting your own e-mail can be.

i’ll agree with her on that, but not for the reasons she lists.

more than anything else, exchange needs a certain level of expertise.

speedy delivery!

i won’t say it needs the modern equivalent of a leonardo da vinci. any given exchange mvp will more than take care of saying that themselves.

but i do believe the vast majority of people tasked with maintaining an exchange system do not know even the most rudimentary subset of maintenance tasks necessary to keep that system running in tip-top shape.

even if you believe that exchange is the ferrari in the mothership’s stable of products…

it just doesn’t make sense for every ferrari owner to invest the time & money to each become a master mechanic themselves, right?

obviously, it does make sense for each of them to know some basic things to both do & watch for…

but more importantly to find a qualified individual to do the hardcore maintenance on that machine for them.

furthermore, i’d bet my right arm that the idea of port 25 being open is not what’s keeping the pop connector in business…

particularly since the risk inherent in advertising port 25 to the entire world can easily be mitigated by using an off-site filtering service as a front-end.

heck, if most people don’t really know the basics of their system anyway…

they most likely don’t even know what port 25 is, or what it’s for, or why advertising it should be a concern to them.


it’s the fact that, given any choice in the matter…

99% of folks can’t be bothered to take the time to change their e-mail addresses from the service someone’s nephew set them up with originally.

once again…

convenience really ends up kicking the ass of best practice nearly every time.

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