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October 26, 2006

best-kept secret in blogs

yours truly wants to take a moment here at the funcave to pay homage to a blog that, for some strange reason, is not getting near the attention it deserves.

i’m talking about karl palachuk’s phenomenal small biz thoughts.

now, here’s a list of things you won’t find at small biz thoughts….

  • a bunch of flashy web 2.0 design*
  • a bunch of shamelessly self-serving name-dropping*
  • a bunch of sheer idiocy desperately trying to masquerade as something important*

what you will find…

a fine bunch of no-nonsense business advice that can help your own practice, or career, or what-have-you

and how much is mr. prolific charging folks to access the aforementioned blog?

well, you would need to pay…

exactly ZERO dollars and ZERO cents

hopefully that will shut up all the whiners who like to well….uh….whine about the fact that karl, a very talented author, has books in print which actually cost money to own. what a shock!

to quickly address that point…

i can say, unequivocally, that karl’s service agreement book has already saved me somewhere in the neighborhood of five figures…just in the first 2 weeks of owning my own business!

so how much is that $50 worth now?

at the very least, if you haven’t checked small biz thoughts yet, go do it right now!

and if you haven’t checked out karl’s other stuff

you are missing out & i weep for your future.


* links removed to protect the clueless

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October 26, 2006

while we’re talking about bsg…

question: so what do mothership & bsg have in common?

answer: as it turns out, mothership just so happens to be sponsoring a series of bsg-related webisodes at sci-fi channel’s site.

the webisodes, in fact, fill in some backstory about the resistance movement.


in an obvious fit of genius, the webisode series was titled, cunningly enough…

the resistance

lo and behold…

someone with an actual sense of humor came up with mothership’s tie-in ad that shows on the page with the web series. check it out…

reminds me of the ‘spinal tap’ windows media player 11 ad that v talked about a while ago.

and whenever i see something with some actual wit come from mothership…

i automatically think of you had me at ehlo, the fantabulous exchange team blog.

as yours truly has proclaimed loudly & often here at the funcave…

the exchange team should serve as the model for which all of mothership’s product teams approach their online presence & interaction with the world outside their own development “bubble.”

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October 26, 2006

you’re a frackin’ awesome machine…

so say we all!

so much better than the one with lorne green!

 adama is da man!

if you are any kind of bsg fan whatsoever, you owe it to yourself to check out this video.

and yeah…season 3 fracking ROCKS beyond words.

which is why yours truly hasn’t posted about it yet.

yeah…that’s the ticket!

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October 26, 2006

speaking of slysoft…

those crazy kids with the wicked awesome .iso mounter are running a halloween special through october 31.

they’ve got the discount code & details posted on their web site, so go check it out!

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October 20, 2006



So many changes over the last month. Almost too many to count.

After all was said & done…the final result?

Yours truly decided to open his own shop.

So please say hello to…

graphic design...there is no substitute

Black Warrior Technology, LLC

Way too many folks to thank for helping get me to this spot.

The rule of thumb? If I met or had any contact with you in the last 2 years…you had a hand in this.

Still, none of this would have been possible without the support of Running Antelope, who had a birthday yesterday.

In the spirit of change…

look for some major revamp to The Funcave…coming soon.

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