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December 28, 2006

best crystal ball in the business, right here at the funcave!

august 4, 2005…

yours truly called this one.


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December 28, 2006

papa’s got a brand-new business model: selling handmade wooden stakes!

when all the planets align perfectly…how can you resist?

his name is mazek...& bleeding you dry is his business


from an idea by dr. codec, with the original by mr. adams, obviously.

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December 28, 2006

definitive proof, once again, that it’s all about the editing

ya gotta see this mashup of star wars, as if it had been shot in the 1920s

just one ever had to yell 'quiet on the set!' back then.

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December 28, 2006

laptop shmaptop

that’s right kiddos…

after all, what do you expect people to do? it has carbon fiber panels! oooooooo!

thanks to the breaking blogosphere scandal of laptop-gate

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy feels compelled, in the interest of full disclosure, to list all the free swag bestowed upon him this holiday season, in exchange for promotional consideration here at the funcave.

without further ado…

happyfunboy’s super awesome guide to free stuff i got in exchange for my mortal soul

beef. it's what's for dinner!

a lifetime supply of kobe beef, still on the hoof. masseuse included.



a trio of ford gt supercars. a weekly driver, another for weekends…& one just for the hell of it.


wow...the stories are true! time does slow waaaay down when ass of money is hanging off the end of your arm. 

a set of fine timepieces. of course…a separate one for each day of the week.


sometimes a cigar is...just a cigar.

a lifetime supply of my very own private-label cigars. plantation, factory & an entire clan of 3rd-generation rollers included.


last, but certainly not least…

obviously, they wanted to make sure i had adequate hardware to properly evaluate windows vista

a baker’s dozen of the largest lcd tv in the world. two voice-controlled universal remotes, as shown above, included. 

does this mean i’ve forfeited my objectivity?

that i’ve somehow crassly cashed in, betraying the trust & goodwill of my audience around the globe?

let me clue you in on a little secret….

the moment there’s an audience of any kind…objectivity’s already gone

and let me tell you another little secret…

if you think traditional media is somehow above this kind of stuff…think again

fact of the matter, traditional media sold itself long ago for much more sinister reasons.

so just because i happen to be more successful at securing a few review tchotchkes is no reason for you to become a jealous, backbiting whiner.

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December 26, 2006

yes virginia…there is a world consuming superbeing!

thanks to dr. codec, yours truly got word of the release of the trailer for the next fantastic four movie…

the power cosmic is like a baptism on my chest

rise of the silver surfer

regulars to the funcave might remember why that’s cause for minor celebration here.

either way, here are some selected screenshots pulled from the trailer.

trust me…

you’ll want to click to see the full size versions of these…

warping through stuff? don't remember that...

oh well. if it's a departure from the can be sure psychotic fanboys are already up in arms about it all over the intarweb.

even they would admit it makes for some cool fx!

i'm just hoping they don't take a ton of other liberties...

which never makes sense to me anyway. you picked the darn why change it?

tough to snag classic 'kirby' poses from the trailer.

for you non-fanboys, 'kirby' refers to the silver surfer's true creator...jack 'king' kirby. and by pose...i mean something akin to the way kirby drew the silver surfer.

most of the good posing frames are too blurry to be of use, like this one.

usually, the best poses happen just as the camera movement causes ass of blur...bummer.

norrin radd pwnz j00!

upside down? what the... he morphs through his board? i get it. wait. i don't remember that in the comic either. man...sometimes cg fx cause much much cheesier stuff in movies than 3-D ever thought about doing. and that's saying something if you ever saw jaws 3 in 3-D!

uh out. fireball on your 6!

which reminds me...'ass' as used earlier means 'a lot.' oh...and the inclusion of this screenshot is for mastermind. enjoy amy!

i've got a bad feeling about this...

i came here to chew bubblegum & kick ass! and i'm all out of bubblegum...

not feeling so sparky now are ya, mr. fire britches?

what's the matter? galactic super-being wielding the power cosmic got your tongue?




and away!

and don't forget. where there's silver surfer...there's galactus!

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy’s thoughts on this subject can be summarized in one word…


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