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December 26, 2006

legend of hyrule: how to finish the office accounting professional trial key quest

sorry. trying to make an elf look like a badass is roughly akin to trying to make michael jackson look...welll, like a human, for starters.

thanks to everyone who responded regarding the recent implementation & integration of the 2007 versions of office accounting, outlook & business contact manager here at the funcave.

as mentioned, i documented a few helpful tips that might make your implementation a little smoother & will be releasing those in another blog post soon.

however, since most folks expressed immediate interest in how to get a trial key for office accounting professional, that’s what we’re talking about right now

and yes, i chalk up my finding of this to the insane amount of hours i used to spend playing rpg & adventure games, starting with the classic colossal cave.

actually, adventure on the atari 2600 was the real start for me. nothing like finding the magic dot with the bridge & finally uncovering the amazing technicolor easter egg, especially since you first had to not only trap that fracking bat, but also dance your heroically heroic square around the deadly jaws of a dragon/duck so you could lure it to the exactly exact correct spot before stabbing it with the sword.

Curse you red dragon!

ahhhh…good times.

ok, enough nostalgia.

without further ado…

happyfunboy’s super awesome guide to getting a trial key for microsoft office accounting professional 2007

after completing the dead simple installation of office accounting express, you’ll see the opening splash screen

it's amazing how simple the install of office accounting is...until you want to enable multiple user support. then it kinda falls down.

choose open a sample company to get to through the first shadowgate.

doesn't matter which type you choose, really. but for those who are fans of mothership's fake companies...if you choose 'product-based' you get northwind traders, while 'service-based' nets you good ol' fabrikam

choose either type of sample company from the dialog box, then click ok. as soon as the sample company opens, you’ll receive a splash screen asking if you’d like to upgrade to the professional version of office accounting a neon sign in times square, huh?

click upgrade at the lower right to get to the hall of the mountain king…err, upgrade product license dialog box.

i'm on a heroic quest to save my girlfriend!

here’s the tricky part. you might notice that nowhere in that dialog box does it mention a trial key.


it does mention purchasing a key online, right toward the top.

now all we have to do is beat the spider-boss!

guess what kiddos?

that’s the secret lever that open the treasure chamber.

click the hyperlinked word online…



you have found a golden room. there is a pile of greenbacks here.

fill out the info as requested, & you’ll get your trial key immediately.

remember that the key is good for installation on up to 2 separate machines.


there’s a bit of conflicting info flying around regarding whether or not there has been a change in licensing to the 2007 edition.

installing small business accounting 2006 on a server to facilitate a server-based installation did not require a separate sba license…

but yours truly has seen on at least one official mothership site that office accounting 2007 requires a separate license for a server-based installation.

still trying to confirm that, but something to keep in mind.

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  1. Thanks HFB. You rule!!!

    comment by timbarrett — December 26, 2006 @ 8:46 pm

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