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January 31, 2007

i got my mind on my accounting & my accounting on my mind


very glad to see that office accounting professional 2007 showed up in the action pack after all.

i’m way too hooked on the whole outlook/bcm/moa triumvirate to switch now.

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January 30, 2007

something else this way comes

since i know that most of you who received the january action pack prolly tore open the box, yanked out the polybagged discs & tossed the rest of it under your desk, never to be seen again.

but if you did…

shame on you!

because then you missed an interesting little tidbit of news that was included in the launch kit binder.


there’s an sbsc-exclusive special edition kit coming in spring 2007.

here’s the partner page with the lowdown.

i’m guessing you have to be an sbsc to see that page, tho.


it’s back to the waiting game, once again.

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January 30, 2007

it’s like washing my car

i swear…

it seems like every time i call about a package i’m expecting…

the thing shows up an hour or 2 later.

which is exactly what happened today with the january maps shipment.

but jason is right…

the original post did refer to the rsc’s constant campaign of misinformation.


who do they have in charge of that thing?


we never did find out what happened to this guy…

this is a guy who could teach bill clinton a thing or 3 about lying

i can’t imagine a better explanation than good ol’ baghdad bob himself.

in case you missed him the first time around…

sit back, relax & enjoy the following compilations of his greatest hits.

get your groove on to songs like…

tomahawks keep fallin’ on my head

the night the lights went out in basra

infidels (are good for nothing)

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January 30, 2007

let me sneeze in your oatmeal a little more today

just got off the phone with the regional service center regarding the january action pack shipment.

february 12th was the new arrival date i was given.

nice to know that the more things change…

the more they stay the same.

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January 27, 2007

the return of tech makeover, after a makeover of its own

this makes a lot of sense for mothership.

they’ve tied the tech makeover promotion to their small business summit.

considering that both of these initiatives were win-win-win for almost everyone involved…

it makes sense that mothership would pair them up.

also, by going to registrants of the summit directly for the makeover, mothership deftly takes their small business specialist partners out of the equation.

so any direct contact that might be made to makeover entrants, as occurred last year, shouldn’t be cause for any alarm, right?

in fact, they even include a line for entrants to enter a small business specialist partner of their choice.

don't call us...we'll call you.

but if you examine the contest terms closely, you might notice something interesting.

One (1) Grand Prize will be awarded: A “Total Technology Makeover” consisting of up to $40,000 in Dell technology hardware and up to $25,000 in Microsoft software and services (”Microsoft Technology Solution”) and up to $35,000 in funding for consultation services for a Microsoft Small Business Specialist to implement the Microsoft Technology Solution.

One (1) Second Prize will be awarded: A “Technology Makeover” consisting of up to $10,000 in Dell technology hardware and up to $25,000 in Microsoft software and services (”Microsoft Technology Solution”) and up to $25,000 in consultation services from a Comp USA Small Business Specialist to implement the Microsoft Technology Solution.


grand prize winner gets to pick their implementation partner.

2st prize gets compusa.

3rd prize is you’re fired.

fuck you! that's my name!

ok, not really. it’s just that whole scene from glengarry glen ross kicks so much ass.

but what i’m wondering…

who gets to see the list of entrants, besides mothership?

i’m betting on compusa.


suppose the grand prize winner just so happens to not specify an implementation partner?

again, i’m betting on compusa.


what if the second prize winner does specify an implementation partner?

my best guess? that implementation partner = sol.

so how many of my customers will i be telling about the makeover promo?

zed…as our good friends from across the water might say.

how much will mothership care?

heck, that’s the whole point behind the makeover of the makeover, kiddos.

stay frosty.

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