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January 7, 2007

if you want to attend the smb track at a launch event…better hurry!

so our company, black warrior technology, will be hosting a table at one of mothership’s across america launch events later this month.

specifically, the one in birmingham on january 23rd.

this is one of a series of in-person events to launch the new versions of office, vista & exchange aka ove that are being held all across…well, america.

believe it or not, folks…

the smb track/session for that date is already filled to capacity.

which translates to…

sold out!


earthman, go home!

no kidding!

ya see, we were just about to send out the invites to our list of folks…

which is broken down into 3 separate demographics, so they’d each get a somewhat targeted invite.

naturally, small business prospects make up the bulk of our list.

well, when yours truly checked the invite link last week…

the small business track/session didn’t show up as an option at all.

don't get me's great that the smb session is booked solid. small biz = big biz, after all.

my sources at the mothership confirmed the screen above indeed means that the smb track/session for this event is at capacity.

and those same sources tell me there’s no option for adding more seats.

so those of you in this area who haven’t already registered for that particular session…

unfortunately it looks like you are outta luck with a capital s, o & l.

a final word to the wise…

if you’re also hosting a table at a launch event…

prolly would be a good idea to check the availability of the sessions before you send out a slew of invites to your customers & prospects.

can’t imagine anything more confusing or annoying than getting an invite to register for something which you can’t actually register for.

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  1. Chris ~

    Thanks very much for posting the information on the event at the network.

    I was able to get registered in San Diego, but the first time I tried it was booked solid.

    Thanks for checking back and letting me know they had availability again.

    I’m looking forward to this event!!!

    Linda Hall

    comment by Linda Hall — January 10, 2007 @ 12:38 pm

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