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February 26, 2007

sorry for the tonto-speak

even the lone ranger thinks my coding skills need work!

yours truly happened to use the wrong symbol in an embedded link code, which totally fracked the previous post.

note to self: never use a > symbol in the text of a link title

the previous missive should make much more sense now that it’s been corrected.

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February 26, 2007

zune marketing: from bad to worse

as if the previous missteps haven’t been enough to convince someone in redmond to re-examine their oh-so-edgy viral marketing campaign for their crappy, half-baked media player…

it’s absolutely mind-boggling that anyone would be stupid enough to green-light a drive-up blast of music at 3a on a sunday in a residential area.

this is the kind of situation where a riot, replete with an overturned, blazing vehicle, is not only perfectly justified, but darn near required, at least to my mind...

and in the ‘hood, no less.

be glad the driver didn’t get one helluva beat-down from local residents.

speaking personally…

i’d have been rolling out with the biggest louisville slugger i could get my hands on.

whack, pow, right in the kisser!

this has gone on long enough.

microsoft, from all of us here at the funcave…

wake the !@$% up!

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February 23, 2007

birmingham shames orlando

in the very shadow of vulcan’s forge…

who needs pants when the forge is all heated up & you've got a hammer to swing?

mothership’s technical & sales night came to the magic city last evening.

full house 

unlike the abysmal showing at uncle walty’s playground recently, at which there were exactly zero attendees…

the venue was full last night, which is always great.

stellar turnout, really

since the evening was also a vista loadfest, it was good to see that over half the folks stayed for the loadfest section.

rene & james did a great job as always.

butts in seats...always a good thing. 

since they somehow had knowledge of the recent swashbuckling here at the funcave, they even asked yours truly to comment on crossbow, which i summed up by saying…

windows mobile 6 kicks more ass than a truckful of ninjas!

thanks to the efforts of a certain rock-star gulf states pcm, who shall remain nameless, registered monkeys walked away with a full version copy of vista business for attending. with...the packaging?

even with the splitting migraine i got halfway through the event…

they travel all over the southeast for you folks...the least you can do is show up, pay attention & act like a professional!

it still ended up being a very good evening.

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February 23, 2007

look what vista exclusivity gets you…

seriously anyone surpried by this? really?

the bright shiny opportunity to close nearly half your retail stores.

how’s that new day working out for you there, compusa?

ironically, this also means the second prize winner of this year’s technology makeover from mothership is basically getting the shaft, since compusa’s business services group…

with its stellar reputation for competency, excellence & customer service

has an exclusive on the implementation of the runner-up makeover.

by the time the makeover stuff is actually awarded, the aforementioned compusa business services group might consist of 2 guys with a clipboard & a toothpick, both of which they share.

all i can say to compusa is…

welcome to the funcave!

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February 23, 2007

more windows mobile 5 dst patches on the way

update: the patches are out!

for those of you with windows mobile 5 devices who have yourselves all patched up & think it’s miller time…

somewhere...mastermind is salivating right now, looking at this picture.

think again.

thought i’d point out this little tidbit from mothership’s own windows mobile bungalow, just to make sure no one missed it…

NOTE: For some versions of Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC, there will be additional updates required that will be available the week of February 26. We apologize for the inconvenience.

well isn’t that just a kick in the pants…err, pocket.

hang tight kiddos.

either the funcave or the diva’s lair will post up as soon as we see anything.

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