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February 18, 2007

is that onenote in your pocket…or are you just happy to see me?

even tho i’ve been using onenote since it was initially released, i wouldn’t say i’m a onenote evangelist…

especially not to the degree of queenie, that’s for sure.

but i am getting to be particularly fond of onenote mobile 2007, which is included with every copy of onenote 2007.

onenote? and mobile? it's the bloody future!

since you still have to pony for onenote, i can’t really term this one a freebie. even so, it’s still a nice piece of functionality thrown in.

that’s because onenote mobile turns out to be a surprisingly handy mobile note-taking tool. even with a feature set that’s necessarily cut-down compared to its desktop big brother, onenote mobile still beats the payants off regular old notes.

if i could add one thing to the wish list for onenote mobile, it would be the addition of free-form editing. unlike desktop onenote, where you can move objects around at will, onenote mobile is waaaay more structured, to the point of requiring you to cut & paste items to rearrange them.

no tap & hold? oh look...a menu. how quaint.

that’s not so bad in & of itself. but onenote mobile’s lack of tap & hold menuing functions inside a note means you have to choose everything from a corner menu while composing, the effect of which gives onenote mobile a decidedly throwback feel, especially on a pocketpc.

still, with its ability to embed both pictures & audio notes right into a note, onenote mobile can really be a pretty kickath mobile blogging tool.

that's right kiddos. embedded voice tags. those who missed my stuttering might have their fondest wish come true!

here at the funcave, we’re looking to couple it with a onenote to wordpress powertoy-equipped copy of desktop onenote & see if the combo can help capture blog material from out in the big big world quickly & efficiently. we’ll let you know how it goes.

in the meantime, check out onenote mobile for yourself. you normally should be prompted to install onenote mobile automagically if you have onenote 2007 loaded & you connect a windows mobile device.

but if you weren’t prompted, or if you deferred the install, here’s how to invoke the install manually.

  • open onenote 2007
  • go to tools->options
  • click onenote mobile

funnote & funnote mobile. now that would get an instant spot in the old utility belt...

  • click install onenote mobile

moreso than usual, i recommend installing onenote mobile to an external storage card.

even 1mb is a decent hit on a mobile device.

the program itself is a decent hit on memory, but the real killer will end up being the onenote mobile notes themselves, especially if you are embedding pictures & audio in them. for those who are interested, here’s the path for onenote mobile notes on a storage card:

one down, one to go

as a last step, be sure to make sure onenote mobile is synchronizing via activesync or windows mobile device center so you don’t lose your oh so masterfully composed onenote mobile masterpieces.

syncing onenote mobile 2007 is basically an on/off switch.

sure, you could prolly just drag the notes manually off the storage card using file explorer or an external card reader.

but where’s the fun in that?

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