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March 31, 2007

when you wish upon a star

for those of you who missed it, i was officially unveiled as the mobility expert for the mobilize smb community expert’s corner last week.


i’m absolutely floored to be in the company of superstars like karl palachuk, amy babinchak, scott colson & dana epp, not to mention the robot horde from mobitech.

so come over to & see what all the fuss is about.

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March 30, 2007

april foolery doth not an artist make

even mr. puppet here thinks you're acting like a dumbass.

forget that new holy holiday for luddites called just shut it off or whatever they are calling it now.

i’d totally get behind a moratorium on all those dumbass stories the tech media automatically puts out this time of year…

hey…guess what? *chuckle snort* a major food company just acquired a major network vendor. get ready to oil up your networks with your new crisco routers *guffaw kneeslapping*

sweet mother of moses…

do all of you holier-than-thou journalistas get sucked into a time warp back to 3rd grade or something this time of year?

in the name of all that is good & right in the world…

grow up already!

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March 29, 2007

last call: we’re looking at windows mobile 6 tonight!

if you want to join us in birmingham tonight, we’re going to be talking about windows mobile, with an in-depth, live look at windows mobile 6.0.

register here if you want to attend:

other words: be there or be square.

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March 26, 2007

sbsc exclusive arrived today

the promised additional ove launch kit, exclusive to small business specialists, arrived at the funcave today.

singing & dancing on stage in a boyband was cake compared to helping small business owners get the most out of their technology investment!

good to see that nick lachey has been keeping himself busy.

kinda scary how much that dude looks like the former mr. jessica simpson. panasonic should have had him at their 'look-alikes suck' night in san diego

i knew that being a brainless twit has certainly helped some folks gain unexplainable footholds in the smb it market. obviously, having been married to a brainless bimbo also qualifies you to represent small business it professionals everywhere.

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March 23, 2007

where should you be on march 29?

well, if you’re within walking, driving, flying or even crawling distance of birmingham, alabama…

IT Professionals Who Build Your Business

you should definitely make plans to be at alabama smb’s march meeting!

the topic?

windows mobile next

this presentation will have something for everyone, no matter if you’re:

  • a developer
  • an it pro
  • a c-level executive

best part of all?

it’s fracking freeee!

that’s right…there’s no charge to attend.

all we require is that you register for the event.

seating may be limited & we’re expecting a good number of folks, so don’t dawdle if you’re interested.

and if you’re not gonna be in birmingham in the flesh, don’t bother registering.

this is an in-person only event. no webcasting, no teleconferencing, no recording.

miss it…& you are s-o-l.

hope to see you there!

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