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March 18, 2007

kirupa blog = flat wrong about wm6

normally, i don’t do callouts, especially on a fellow alabamian, but this one is causing all sorts of folks to waste all sorts of time smashing their heads against brick walls.

i can absolutely confirm that the instrux at are dead wrong. as was posted here at the funcave as soon as the windows mobile 6 sdks were released, using the sdks to run windows mobile 6 emulated unequivocally requires visual studio 2005 standard or higher to be installed.

so quit wasting your time on something that flat will not work.

but if you simply cannot wait…

the funcave may have something later today that will help you get your wm6 on now, rather than having to sit idly by, waiting for mothership to release standalone images.

fair warning: it’ll be for diehards only, that for sure.

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  1. Want to play with WM6?…

    Gizmodo has a great idea, to have a play with WM6 (even if you don’t own a WM6 phone) why not download the Device Emulator. You will need Visual Studio 2005 to have a play (maybe there is a demo copy about somewhere). For more information on the SDK …

    trackback by Windows Mobile 6 — March 18, 2007 @ 11:07 am

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