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April 30, 2007

Come See Me at TechMixer 3.0 Tomorrow Night

If you’re an IT Pro & within striking distance of Birmingham, Alabama, I strongly urge you to attend TechMixer 3.0, which goes off May 1. That’s tomorrow night!

Obviously, this is the third iteration of TechBirmingham’s premier technology networking event.

McWane Center kicks some serious ass.

Bringing together the range of sponsors & enthusiast groups in the fantabulous McWane Center has yielded some phenomenal results in the past. I totally expect 3.0 to continue to raise the bar.

So I don’t care if you have to push, pull or drag yourself there tomorrow night.

You’d be a fool to miss it.

You’d also be a fool not to pre-register. Unless you just enjoy the heck out of standing in registration lines, that is.

I’ve also got a favor to ask. If you’re coming to TechMixer 3.0, be sure to stop by the Alabama SMB table. I’ve got a couple of questions I’d like to ask you.

If you don’t mind answering those questions for me, I’ll put you in a drawing for a semi-awesome prize. No, it’s not a Ferrari or anything. But it’s not bad for a zero-budget group.

Hope to see you there!

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April 30, 2007

Windows Mobile 6 SDK Gets a Facelift

Snip snip, tuck tuck

Just in time for MEDC 2007, the WM6 SDK refresh was released today.

Couple of things the instrux mention:

  • Be sure to uninstall the previous SDK releases before installing the refresh.
  • If Cellular Emulator disappears from Start menu after uninstalling one of the SDKs, run a repair of the remaining SDK to make it reappear.

If you’d like more info, including stuff to watch out for that the scant instrux don’t mention, slide over to the Funboard for the full scoop.

And if you’re somehow offended by the thought of doing that…then just move along.

Simple concept, isn’t it?

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April 30, 2007

8525 Gets An Update

I want my WiMo6!

But before you get yourselves all lathered up…this is not the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade. No AKU update here.

Chief among the improvements here has to be the inclusion of the long-awaited Push-To-Talk features.

As always, backup or sync your data beforehand. This upgrade makes all your info on the device go bye-bye.

Which means you’ll have to reload any certificates, etc. after the 25 minute upgrade process is finished too.

Grab it from HTC’s website, if you must have it!

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April 30, 2007

Come Get Your Patch On!

Head out of sand time, people!

WSUS 3.0 dropped today.

Now, it’s my distinct opinion that a patch management system is neither a luxury nor an option anymore.

It is, quite frankly, an absolute requirement for any modern network. Like clean & uninterruptible power, a quality wiring plant, and full, verified data backups.

No matter whether the patch QC at Redmond improves or not, betting your business, or those your customers, on blind faith that patches will behave perfectly upon release is beyond naive, bordering on incompetence.

So if you haven’t implemented any earlier iteration of WSUS for one reason or another, now’s the time to get your head out of the sand.

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April 29, 2007

First Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade Available NOW!

The first Windows Mobile 6 upgrade was released today.

The FBI requires us to blur this photo. OK, not really. We're just hoping they don't sue us for using FB.

If you want the full story about this release, including which device owners can start rejoicing, hop on over to the Funboard.

And YES…we do have a download link to the upgrade!

So if you’ve been procrastinating and haven’t yet signed up for an account at FB…now’s as good a time as any.

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