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May 31, 2007

Remember What Happened With That Tea?

C'mon...look at that blue paint. That's an SBSCer if I've ever seen one!

Oh….it’s on now!

I recently issued a challenge to all SBSCs who are attending WPC to get their fannies on Connect, WPC’s awesome networking tool, and join the Small Business Symposium Attendees/SBSCs group to keep it the top dog.

Well…looks like the UK ruffians have unseated us.

And I’m not happy about it.


The SBSC group has more actual activity. Some actual discussions, with comments and followup and everything.

I also think we have a better war cry too…


I swear, that is like something straight outta the Funcave.

Who you callin' Tweety Bird?

But the fact of matter is…

UK is in the top slot.

And that needs to end.

So pass the word…

Recruit some more bodies…

Get the SBSC group in the lead slot again.

This is war!

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May 23, 2007

Welcome to the Deepfish!

That’s right…

Goin' deep...

Deepfish is officially swimming here in the Funlab!

Received the notice of a slot grant today. After downloading and installing, the first thing I did, of course, was see how the Funcave holds up under a new browsing paradigm…

...goin' fishin'

Not too shabby, although I’ll be more interested to see how the Funboard comes across.

Speaking of…look for a more in-depth write-up on Deepfish over at the FB in the next week or so.

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May 19, 2007

On Education

If Daniel Boone had been a scholar, would he have worn a sheepskin cap?

I received an e-mail the other day, and was asked this question (I’m paraphrasing):

Would you suggest I finish my B.S. in Information Technology, or just go through Microsoft’s learning courses? It seems that by the time you finish the college curriculum it’s already outdated.

I’ll show you outdated. Show of hands, please…anyone who’s a whiz with Office 2003. Go ahead and start setting aside bail money now, because you’ll prolly kill someone with your bare hands in those first three excruciating days with Office 2007. If you can stay manslaughter-free through to Day Four, the heavens will open for you, I promise.

A lot of people make the mistake of equating education with training. Here’s how I differentiate the two…

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May 19, 2007

What You Are Going To Miss

When SBS...comes marchin' in...

This is a very simple thought I have here for you to digest…

If you are an IT Pro serving SMB and you are not at the New Orleans conference, you will be missing opportunities for yourself and your business that I can’t even begin to calculate

By way of a disclaimer, I should mention that I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to speak at the IT Pro conference, which officially starts May 25.

I say fortunate because that means I’ve been involved in some of the planning calls for this conference, and it’s been an eye-opening experience.

I’m beyond impressed with the interchanges and exchanges of ideas that have already taken place before anyone other than Jeff has even thought about setting foot in New Orleans.

I really believe the conference will set a bar for quality that will be very difficult for anything that follows to match, let alone surpass.

And, I will also tell you this…

Altho there isn’t an outright ban on PowerPoint at the conference, you will be lucky to see more than 3–5 slides in any given presentation.

The tagline for this conference really should be:

How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Present Without Powerpoint

In fact, this conference is shaping up to be absolutely UNMATCHED from the perspective of cost vs. value. Here’s a 15 point “tale of the tape” I slapped together regarding the NOLA conference for us landlubbers…

  1. Conference cost (non-cruise) = $295
  2. Meals included = 6 (Friday jazz reception, Saturday breakfast annd lunch, Sunday breakfast, lunch and riverboat dinner cruise)
  3. Entertainment events included =  3 (Friday jazz reception, Saturday Bourbon Street Balcony party, Sunday riverboat dinner cruise)
  4. Pre-conference events = 1
  5. Cost of pre-conference events = $0 (registration required)
  6. Speakers and content providers who are recognized community leaders and experts = 30
  7. Countries represented = 5
  8. Members of SBS Dev Team attending = 5
  9. Members of MS Team attending = 8
  10. Vendor sponsors = 14
  11. Vendor booths onsite = 2
  12. Street parades = All you can see from the Bourbon Street Balcony on Saturday night
  13. Opportunities to say Bon Voyage and really mean it = 1
  14. Minutes you have to meet people, make contacts, and jam your brain full of new ideas and knowledge = 4,320
  15. Same thing, except in seconds = 259,200

You don’t have to be a CPA to calculate the value there. And you don’t even have to be Eric Ligman to come up with a catchy slogan for it either:

For less than half the per-minute cost of a long-distance call to India, you could instead spend a couple of days in New Orleans to get invaluable advice, make new friends, and gain amazing business contacts, while coming away with more inner peace than Ghandi

According to Nancy, you can show up in NOLA and register at the door for this conference. So it isn’t too late. Drop Nancy a line and she’ll help get you signed up TODAY!

So now, my final question to you is…

Why in the world haven’t you signed up yet?

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May 18, 2007

How To Go A’Conferencing

I gots to feeling like a talking mouse...and that ain't no way to feel...

Over in the Tweety Room at the WPC Connect site, Vijay asked this question (I’m paraphrasing)…

Any tips on making the most out of my first trip to WPC and the Small Business Symposium?

I started to reply to over there, but once it started getting long I brought it over here.

Both Vlad & Karl have excellent posts at their blogs about how to make the most of any conference. Quite frankly, I think their advice should be required reading for anyone going to any kind of conference. In particular, I know much of Karl’s came from his observations about the humanity on display at WPC and the Symposium in 2006:


Here are my thoughts on how to approach conferences, with particular emphasis on WPC…

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