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May 18, 2007

How To Go A’Conferencing

I gots to feeling like a talking mouse...and that ain't no way to feel...

Over in the Tweety Room at the WPC Connect site, Vijay asked this question (I’m paraphrasing)…

Any tips on making the most out of my first trip to WPC and the Small Business Symposium?

I started to reply to over there, but once it started getting long I brought it over here.

Both Vlad & Karl have excellent posts at their blogs about how to make the most of any conference. Quite frankly, I think their advice should be required reading for anyone going to any kind of conference. In particular, I know much of Karl’s came from his observations about the humanity on display at WPC and the Symposium in 2006:


Here are my thoughts on how to approach conferences, with particular emphasis on WPC…

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