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July 31, 2007

Quick Windows Mobile E-mail Primer for Bitzie

Hi! I'm Alpha-Blocks!

This is mainly for Susan, but feel free to read this if you’re interested in the capabilities of Windows Mobile.

Yes, Windows Mobile will support multiple e-mail accounts, in addition to one Exchange connection, all at the same time. You are limited to a total of 8 accounts, including SMS messaging accounts, etc.

You can set independent check/sync schedules. Also, all mail from each account is kept separate from the other accounts.

To set up another e-mail account (POP3 or IMAP4) on the device, go to…

Inbox->Menu->Tools->New Account

It’s pretty straightforward, but watch out for a little gotcha during Step 4 of 5.

The bottom “Name” field sets the visible name for the account you are setting up on your device. Make sure you change this to something specific, like “Home” or “Captain Awesome” or anything other than the generic “POP3” or “IMAP4” that it will be set in there by default, depending on your choice of account type in the dropdown box above it.

The reason is, you cannot rename an account after it is created. You can only delete it and re-set it up with a different name.

Trust me, when you (or more importantly, your users) are trying to navigate between multiple accounts, that specific naming will be a godsend.

Another thing…

The reason the Treo didn’t mind being temporarily Activesync’d is because it wasn’t really Activesync’d. You were simply using File Explorer to make a Guest connection to the device so you could copy files to/from it. It’s basically a way to make your mobile device act like a ridiculously expensive USB thumb drive, at least temporarily.

It also is a hellacious security hole, IMHO.

Still important to note that when provisioning mobile devices using a PC other than the one that device will be permanently paired with, folks definitely don’t want to run the Activesync/WMDC Connection wizard fully.

Since I mentioned it…

Windows Mobile Device Center on Vista works pretty much the same way as ActiveSync like you showed it. Except the interface looks totally different, and options are moved around, for little to no apparent reason.

Almost exactly like the differences between XP and Vista.

Last thing to note…

Certificates on the Treo 750 are easy because…

Treo 750 = Pocket PC AKA soon-to-be Professional

Class dismissed!

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