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July 29, 2007

Where Has All The Hardware Gone?

It's a desert out there. Unless you're moving $100K in equipment a month.

There’s a thread running in the Managed Services Yahoo group that really struck a nerve with me.

Who else has been finding it more than a little frustrating trying to partner with hardware companies? I’m talking box movers. PCs, servers, laptops, etc.

Because honestly…

Right now the choices come down to who sucks least. Here’s my take on a couple:

Starts with D, Rhymes with Hell? The terms of their Solution Provider program are laughably bad. No logo. Can’t even mention Dell, unless you are paying for an ad with a picture of their equipment. No returns.

To which my brain goes…


That’s not a partner/channel program I want to get involved with. Sounds more like indentured servitude.

HP? I’ve been looking for the way in, off and on, since starting my business. It’s kind of like a grail quest now. But I don’t have time to run around looking for some obscure clues or hidden link on their website.

And to be honest…

Even if I could find the way in, I’m not all that crazy about pimping someone else’s brand.

Building equity in a business is all about putting your name, your logo, and your branding in front of people. Not someone else’s.

Someone on one of the lists recently discussed his past stint at reselling, which he termed a “whore’s market.”

And I’ll tell ya…

I understand what he’s saying. I’ve done enough reselling to know…

It is a royal pain in the tookus. And based on what Mark’s talked about regarding his experience selling hardware…

I don’t need a big logistical and staging nightmare on my hands. Forget that!

People don’t hire me because I have vendor logos peppering my business card. In fact, I only have 1 logo other than the BWT company logo on my card, and that’s the Small Business Specialist logo.

In fact, my next batch of business cards will have the SBSC logo removed completely. That robin’s egg blue license plate is costing me too much consulting work in mid-market to enterprise customers. So it’s being nuked.

I don’t need partner programs that assume it’s the only vendor program I will ever be dealing with. All I’m looking for is something that allows me to build out the customer solutions I need, without some crazy revenue commitment or insane barrier to entry. I don’t need a bunch of other crud rolling around.

Simple for me, simple for them.

Is that too darned much to ask?

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