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August 31, 2007

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer

Isn't that everyone's dream? To see your name in lights?

Today the Nick Saban era will officially begin, right here in the lovely city of Tuscaloosa.

Yes, people are losing their ever-loving minds about it.

The influx of humanity into our little slice of heaven is staggering. It took me forever to run a couple of errands yesterday.

But all in all…

It’s great to see some excitement back about Alabama football.

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August 30, 2007

Where Has All The Mobile Gone?

It can’t just be chalked up to the iPwn.


Mobility & SMB go together like…

Smoooth operator...altho, as many have said...Ginger Rogers did everything Freddo did, except backwards and while wearing heels

Peanut butter jelly time!

and, of course…

Holy missing the boat, Batman!

But that’s not how it’s appearing, if at all. So why is mobility receiving such a lack of attention from my SMB VAR/SP peers? And from conferences/events/etc.?

That…would prolly make a very good talk somewhere, wouldn’t it?

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August 29, 2007

Windows Mobile 6 for Treo 750…So Close And Yet So Far

It’s coming…

Slowly but surely.

The UK, Ireland and the Netherlands all now have WM6 lovin’ for their Treo 750s, which just went live. Well, 750v to be specific. Which means if you aren’t using Vodaphone across the pond, you get to wait with the rest of us lunkheads. At least until end of September.

My precious!

And yes, Mr. Petty was right…

The waiting IS the hardest part!

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August 28, 2007

O Bluetooth, Where Art Thou?

I would rather have my teeth pulled without Novacaine than revert back to cables!

I’m blaming it on Palm!

Thanks to that sweet sweet hunk of electronic crack called a Treo 750 I’ve been carrying in my pocket for a couple months…

I’m utterly and completely addicted to Bluetooth now.

Sure, I’ve had a Bluetooth headset for awhile, just like every other human being on the planet. I don’t know about you, but it disturbs me greatly when I get panhandled in a major metro by a guy talking into a Bluetooth headset. Who also happens to be wearing better shoes than me.

For me tho, Bluetooth had always been one of those “more promise, less filling” technologies. I just didn’t see the point, nor the serious uptake.

It wasn’t until I switched to the Treo that I went whole hog with Bluetooth. Mainly because using a sync cable sucks so bad with the Treo.

But using ActiveSync via Bluetooth? Now that is some sweet sweet candy right there.

Since then, it’s been full-on Bluetooth-on-Bluetooth action day and night.

So what’s been riding over BT on my rig?

  • ActiveSync
  • Treo 750 tethering
  • Pharos GPS
  • Motorola headset
  • Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000

So, imagine my dismay when my trusty MS Transceiver 3.0 for Bluetooth suddenly and inexplicably gave up the ghost. While in Orlando last week. It had come with the WNPM8K, so I was suddenly without a Bluetooth uplink for my laptop.

After the transceiver kicked the bucket…I was shaking from BT withdrawals like a heroin addict about 12 hours after his last fix.

Which kinda peeved me off. For all the hoopla and huzzah about Bluetooth for so damn long…why isn’t a BT receiver standard in lappys by now? For that matter, why not in desktops too?

Sure, the hardware replacement line from MS kicks much ass. But the WNP8K is back-ordered, so I was getting the shakes something awful bad.

I’d been thinking about ditching my Wireless Laser Keyboard 6000 in favor of a BT-enabled set anyway, as the BT juggernaut had rolled on here at the Funcave. So I jetted out the other day and picked up a Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000. Which is fine, and will give me an extra BT transceiver (once the replacement arrives from MS support). That means one for permanent placement in the dock, and one I can keep in the “Have Wheels, Will Travel” case.

Just not sure about the feel of the WED7K. That Kate Moss-anorexic design might be fine for laying back on the couch…but not so sure how it will be for long typing/work sessions.

Even if I do take to it, I’m thinking long & hard about a bump up to the WED8K, for one simple reason: backlit keys. That makes nighttime work, like now, much easier.

And I’m seriously thinking of adding a Motorola BT stereo headset too. Since the stereo headset includes a built-in mic, I can use it for client calls, and also enjoy the White Stripes “Ball & Biscuit” in-between, as it was meant to be enjoyed.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

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August 28, 2007

XChange 2007: Right Here, Right Now

Here’s a 30 second taste of the awesomeness that was XChange 2007…

I’ll cut a longer version, if enough folks donate pics from XChange.

Please ping me before sending anything. I’ll have a better/faster way for you to get them to me. Thanks!

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