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August 24, 2007

More Dansey Than Dansey

Write this name down…


Yep, that's Kate.

If you ever see that name listed at an IT event, make it a point to meet her. I’m talking run, not walk.

I had the extremely good fortune to make Kate’s acquaintance in Orlando this week.

For starters, she’s from Cincinnati, one of my all-time favorite towns. Which also means she’s from right here in the good ol’ U to the S to the A. Always a plus to help the local team, I say.

Most of all tho…

She’s sharp. As sharp as…well, a very sharp thing.

Kate’s a perfect example of the necessity of something like Team NewBlood. The company she works for, ProOnCall, is a pure SMB provider doing some amazing stuff with SBS. But until this week, she knew absolutely nothing about “The Community.”

Since we were in the same XChange appointment group in Orlando, she and I got to commiserate a good bit. Mainly about the 15+ vendor pitches.

Not only that, but throughout the conference, Kate was constantly gathering other conference attendees and vendors together into groups, creating ever expanding circles of collaboration and internetworking. Think along the lines of a human mashup, and you’ll get a rough idea of what I’m talking about.

It was an amazing sight to see. Truly. Like 2005–2006 all over again. Only on fire. With ninjas.

To top it off, she and I happened to have nearly the exact same departing flight time, so after a bunch of us caught a shuttle back to ORL, she and I had a couple of hours to kill. Which we spent having soup.salad.bread and chatting mostly about business, community, and the awesomeness that was XChange.

It was during this chat that I was able to fully complete the 2nd part of my decision-making process about the SMI decision for BWT I mentioned earlier.

So I’ll be the first one to go on record about Kate: Future.Community.Superstar

Tell folks you heard it first…right here at the Funcave!

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  3. You hit the nail on the head, Kate is awesome! I met Kate a couple of years ago and had the exact same reaction: she is sharp, bright and a has a wonderful personality and way of dealing with people. Since we met I have been fortunate to work with her and call her a friend and am confident she will do great things in the future.

    comment by Rob Bunting — August 28, 2007 @ 7:58 am

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