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September 28, 2007

Get An OVE On?

OK, so this is looking back a good bit, but this has been bugging me for the longest time..

OVE? Really?

Pardon me, but using that as an acronym for MS’ Launch-a-palooza at the beginning of 2007 goes beyond awkward.

Anybody else think it gives the impression of female reproductive-y stuff?

I have a simple, simple solution. Elegant beyond belief, and something that no one else will tell you.

And I’m betting you won’t hear it in Redmond this weekend either, if you just so happen to be visiting there for one reason or another.

Too bad for you, I guess…

Because, like whatever is in the suitcase in Pulp Fiction…


It’s far too beautiful and precious to just hand over like a pamphlet at the airport.

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