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September 5, 2007


TIA to Jeff Sullivan for letting me use this perfect perfect pic of his for this post. Check out the original at

I’m speaking to IPSA AKA the Internet Professionals Society of Alabama on September 13, which is a little over a week away.

The topic? Mobility…what else?

Here’s the official title…

Mobile 2.0 and The Amazing Technicolor Dream You

While confirming the details of the talk earlier today, Jeremy Flint, IPSA’s speaker wrangler extraordinaire, sent me an e-mail asking:

 Is that title correct? It looked like it cut off after ‘You’

I was this close to answering him with…

Hey man…welcome to the Funcave!

Anyway, if you’re within striking distance, and want to stop by and see what all the hubbub is about, here’s a stellar idea…

Go ahead and RSVP now, rather than later!

And no…there’s no charge to attend.

IPSA meets at lunchtime, altho ordering foodage from the Wizards With The Wonderful World of McWane looks to be closed. So plan to BYOL. 

Better yet…

Maybe I could convince a couple of my pals from McWane Center to fire up the ol’ Tesla coils…

Tesla WILL have his revenge! TIA to Mike Gammill for letting me use his awesome pic. Check out the original at

We hang a slab or 20 of ribs in between those coils, then flip the breaker for 10–20 minutes or so…

That’s what I call an Insta-Q!

Hope to see you there….BZZZZZZZZZT!

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