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October 31, 2007

This Is For Wendell!

Favorite Frisky Dingo clip of all time. Click the pic to see it (the embed code keeps screwing up),

Back when I was with Labor...

Want to see more?

Go here. Search for dingo. Enjoy.

Where did I learn all this?

From Steven Seagal’s fat ass…

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October 31, 2007

AT&T 8525 Goes Windows Mobile 6, FINALLY

Love the 8525. But the 8925 is even sweeter!

The long awaited Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the AT&T 8525 has officially been released as of today.

The download link has been added to the big huge list of WM6 upgrades over at the Funboard.

So feel free to go get your ROM on!

Some things to KIM…

Standard ROM upgrade cautions apply. You might also want to check the official WM upgrade checklist, brought to you by the Funboard’s funkadelic robot horde.

All operators are limiting/tracking downloads of the official ROM releases. So after you download it…back up the upgrade file, because you won’t be able to download it again. Yes, I think this is goofy…but this is prolly a stipulation of MS.

The upgrade should work whether you are using XP with ActiveSync, or Vista with Windows Mobile Device Center…

But you must use a cable, no matter what.

Finally, this download will only be available until February 1, 2008. So I wouldn’t wait too long to at least download it, even if you don’t plan to load it up right away.

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October 31, 2007

Cheaper Shot Of The Week

Cheerleader gets trampled during opening festivities…

Ironically enough…

She’s from Auburn High School, near Seattle.



She denies that she was trying to lay an illegal chop block on a guy who didn’t vote for her for homecoming queen.

But man…she did lay that guy out or what?

Score one for the pom-pom squad!

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October 30, 2007

Cheap Shot Of The Week

So what do you do when you play for a cow college in Alabama…

And you find yourself facing an All-American defensive tackle who has been named “the best player in college football” and who will undoubtedly be a first round NFL draft choice? 


You take him down with an illegal chop block, of course. As basically your only assignment on the play.

All while he’s tangled up with one of your teammates. In fact, while your teammate works him into you.

As in…

All the better to turn his right knee into spaghetti.

After all the whining and moaning, 99.999% of it from Gator Nation, about Mark Richt and the Dawgs needing to apologize for the masterful “celebration-a-rooski” they pulled against Florida…

This is the kind of thing that truly cheapens college football.

Go watch the footage. More than once. I’ll wait.

This isn’t a “fell into his leg in a tangle of people and bodies during a play” kinda thing like what cut short Tyrone Prothro’s amazing career.

In case you don’t know who Prothro is…

He’s the guy wearing the number “4” who shows up in this video a half dozen times, including his throwing an amazing legal block that takes out 2 guys twice his size simultaneously. Go ahead. Check it out. I’ll still wait.

The Auburn offensive lineman without any defensive player in his face, Chaz Ramsey, basically takes himself out as any source of protection for his quarterback or the Auburn backfield by coming off his feet, except the benefit of executing the chop block against Glenn Dorsey.

Honestly, Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville and both of the Auburn players involved, Ramsey and Lee Ziemba, should have immediately and publicly apologized not just to Les Miles and Dorsey, but also privately to Dorsey and his family.


Because it’s the right thing to do.

Honestly, it’d be the right thing to do even if Dorsey wasn’t an All-American, likely first-round draft pick.

But, if the thought of an apology had the possibility of even crossing Tuberville or his player’s mind…

That block wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Maybe they can take a cue from Mark Richt.

Man up…

And apologize, no matter what.

Even if that happened, by some miraculous change of heart…

The SEC and NCAA should still come down on this one like a ton of bricks.

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October 30, 2007

No Apology Necessary

Go Dawgs!

I’ll go on record right now…

My second favorite SEC team has always been Georgia.

Partly because…my high school’s mascot was a bulldog. So maybe you can’t really teach an old ‘Dog a new trick.

UGA? They need to call that poor pooch something else tho. Butch sounds cool. Or Killer. Or Chompy.

Mainly tho, it’s because Georgia has always handled itself with a lot of class. No matter if it was an up year or a down year for them, you could always count on the Dawgs for a well-fought contest, without cheap shots during a game, or Georgia fans acting like jackasses after the game, no matter what the outcome.

I think that stems from the fact that Georgia, like Alabama, is a program with a long and storied tradition of football excellence.

In other words, they’ve been winners before, and they know how to act…win or lose.

That stands in direct opposition to the cow colleges and schools devoted to cosmetology that pass for institutions of higher learning in other places around the SEC.

As Running Antelope would say about those kinds of places…

They’ve always acted like trash.

Which, BTW…

Is prolly the worse thing a Southerner can say about a fellow Southerner.

So if there’s any team in the SEC I’d rather see win other than Alabama, it’s Georgia.


Which is why I thought the excessive celebration by Georgia in its recent win over Florida was…

Quite frankly…


I thought it was a brilliant tactical move. Why?

Because it had the most important element of any tactical move, which is spelled…


Florida didn’t expect it. Why, no one dares taunt the almighty Gators!

Unfortunately, Florida’s arrogance and reality-distortion-field about their one-dimensional offense, which is now about half-dimensional thanks to the injuries to The Frankenback Monster…

Sure didn’t keep them from getting manhandled by Georgia. And just like Pulp Fiction has spawned about a billion knock-off movies that were utter crap…

There will be plenty of folks who try to mimic Georgia’s celebration play. And it’s a fact that anybody who tries to copy Georgia’s celebration play will simply come off as a dumbass. All of which will totally be the fault of that copycat, not Georgia and not Mark Richt.

Even tho absolutely no apology was necessary…

I give Mark Richt credit for being man enough to apologize to the SEC, Georgia fans, and even Florida for the celebration play.

Of course, I would have prolly worded it something like…

Dear SEC,

I am very very very very very sorry for kicking Florida’s ass so badly this weekend, and making them hate each and every minute of it.

Oh wait…I’m not sorry at all! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Coach “Suck it Gators!” Richt

Even if one goes so far as to claim there was any risk of a fight breaking out from the Georgia bench swarming the field…

It’s my particular opinion that the risk of violence would have come from the bone, thugs ‘n parolee lineup fielded by Florida.

But the fact that Richt took the blame for that as well…

That’s the difference between a class act, and a no-class act. Rather than mouth off endlessly in the press, as Florida players and coaches are wont to do…

And did after getting their asses royally handed to them by Georgia…

Richt went ahead, took it all on himself, and apologized, even though no one outside of Gainesville thought anything malicious about the celebration.

That’s the definition of a real leader. If I were one of Richt’s players, all of this brouhaha would only serve to make me want to play even harder for him.

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