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December 31, 2007

Nice Try

Also included in Circle 8? Pimping & seducing. In other words...enjoy the heat V!

How much do I hate going to cell phone stores?

I consider all those working or otherwise associated with them to be headed for punishment in the 8th subcircle of the 8th circle of Hell, reserved exclusively for fraudulent advisers.

I truly believe the reason that Mobility as a concept is in such a sad sad state lies largely at the totally uninformed and incompetent feet of the retail cellular sales employee.

OK, maybe not totally.

But that’s where the perfect storm of OEM and carrier Kool-Aide B.S. gets whipped into a heady brew, garnished with spiffs and a plastic umbrella, and served up to an unsuspecting public.

Visiting most cellular stores is roughly akin to a cross between an interrogation by the police and running the Homeland Security gauntlet at the nearest airport (sans the random chance for a body cavity search). I don’t know anyone who comes away from a cell store feeling happy about the experience. Usually the response is…

Man…am I glad THAT’S over!

So I gotta give TryPhone props for at least trying to offer something different. That is, the ability to try handsets without having to endure the Captain Dumbass and His Idiot Minions show that is your local cell store.

In fact, here are all of the 9 models you can use right now…

Samsung Juke (Verizon style)

Motorola V3xx (AT&T style)

LG Muziq (Sprint style)

Nokia N95 (AT&T style)

Motorola V3m (Verizon style)

Blackberry Pearl (T-mobile style) 

Apple iPhone (AT&T style)

Motorola V3T (T-Mobile style)

Palm Treo (Sprint style)

Unfortunately, the embed code from TryPhone didn’t work worth a flip here at the Funcave. Otherwise, you’d have seen them all right here. Grrrrr.

You can also request a new phone type be added…

I guess it's nice they give you the option to request. But I always think of those types of feedback as largely Quixotic endeavors.

OK OK…it’s been up less than a month. And the site has a Google-esque BETA splashed on its logo. But it could stilll stand some fleshing out. And where’s the Windows Mobile love?

Even so, there’s one MAJOR huge thing that I don’t see this site ever being able to surmount. There’s literally no way for TryPhone to simulate the true ergonomics of a mobile device. Which prolly accounts for 50~75% of the final reason why people pick one device over another.

In other words, a device has to feel right. I don’t see any way for them to get around this one.

But I applaud them for trying to tackle the single thorniest problem with mobile devices. Which is that the typical environment to try out devices sucks beyond all measure.

And I know this…

I’d definitely use TryPhone to verify specs and included features, assuming they have the device listed. And tho the number of phones they have available now isn’t bad…without a more extensive library TryPhone’s usefulness will remain pretty limited.

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