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January 18, 2008

27,000 Pounds And What Do You Get?

It's all thanks to the planning team tho! I'm talking about Heather, Amy, Suzanne, Chris K., John, Robin, Eric, Mark, Kendra, Shane, Stacy, Bill...and of course Donny!

A whole heaping pile of electronic equipment that won’t be eating up precious landfill space or poisoning the environment, that’s what!

Instead, we’re talking tons (literally!) of reclaimed industrial plastics, metal, glass and other components that will be re-used, rather than wasted.

E-Cycling Day, the event sponsored by our local Chamber of Commerce AND the one I’ve been fortunate enough to chair, has all the earmarks of a runaway success.

And we’re still nearly a week away from the public collection day!

Interest in E-Cycling Day completely skyrocketed! Statewide media outlets have been contacting us for interviews, quotes, whatever so that they can run stories about it.

The Tuscaloosa business community strongly supported E-Cycling Day from the very beginning. We received some VERY large pledges of equipment. Logistically, we found it easier to arrange for the processor to send a truck directly to those making large pledges, rather than having all that equipment showing up on the public day, potentially causing bottlenecks or delays.

Yesterday, the first couple of large pledges were picked up. And we received the tare weight of the load this morning.

27,000 POUNDS!

From just 2 companies!

Based on our best-guess projections, we are expecting to collect 200,000 pounds of electronic waste by the end of this event.

The very first time out of the gate.

So keep you fingers crossed for good weather for us on the 24th.

If you live or work in the West Alabama area, or know someone who does…PLEASE help us spread the word by telling them about it. Send them to the E-Cycling Day website for more information.

And if you’re interested in knowing how we did it, the kinds of things we learned while planning this event, and ways we found to almost guarantee our success…

Post a comment or contact me. We’d be happy to talk to folks who want to try to replicate what we’ve managed to do in their area.

And I can tell you this.

You think community involvement is for saps? That there’s no tangible benefit?

Being directly involved with this event has already quadrupled my business in 2008. I expect it to grow even more and faster, thanks to my involvement with E-Cycling Day.

I don’t care who you are or what you are doing…

No marketing-in-a-box toolkit, no matter how good the package looks, will do that for you.

I also get the added bonus of helping save the environment to boot.

Now that’s WIN-WIN baby!

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  1. Yes I certainly would be interested in this as a community event that would get some PR as well.

    Please contact me. Yes!!

    Ken Edwards

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