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March 24, 2008

Dinner With The Response Point Team

Well, not everyone on the team…

But I did get a chance to meet a few folks from the Response Point team for dinner last Tuesday night.

Bob Taniguchi, Veronica Buckley and Ben Brauer were kind enough to take me to the 0/8 Seafood Grill and Twisted Cork Wine Bar at the Hyatt Regency in nearby Bellevue.

Starting from the left, that would be Veronica Buckley, Bob Taniguchi, and Ben Brauer. 

We talked about a wide range of topics regarding Response Point, including SMB conferences, the SBSC program, virtualization, and system administration, nearly all of which I can’t tell you anything about thanks to my Wolfram & Hart-esque binding NDA with Microsoft.

But I can tell you that the team is serious about Response Point, and you should be as well. Definitely a More Cowbell kind of meeting, if you catch my drift.

Response Point is on the agenda for the Small Business Summit this week. Tomorrow from 10–11a PDT, in fact. If you have time for only one session from Small Business Summit, make it that one.

You won’t be disappointed. Assuming MS gets the whole “casting” part of the webcast fixed.

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March 24, 2008

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

So I was tuning in to Microsoft’s Small Business Summit this morning, catching up on a few things and…

Wow...amazing coincidence that it poops out with Dynamics CRM showing in the rolling ad to the right. Or is it!?!?!


Big step backwards over last year’s Small Business Summit event, which was flawlessly delivered.

And the tech support line?

Thank you for calling Microsoft!

Flooded, as you might imagine.

Hope they get this resolved before tomorrow. Definitely hoping to catch a couple of specific sessions.

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March 24, 2008

While In Redmond

Lots of cool stuff took place last week while I was in Redmond, which I’ll be posting throughout this week.

I also got a chance to put the newest addition to the official Funcave utility belt, the Aiptek A-HD camcorder, through its paces.

The A-HD really kicks an amazing amount of bootay, for an amazingly low amount of money. Too bad that blue looks so much like half the colors of that cow college.

Remember how I said I was in the hunt for a converged digital camera/camcorder that wouldn’t break the bank, and was available. Well, this Aiptek model certainly fits the bill.

I’ll be posting a more in-depth review of the A-HD later, including example footage shot with it, and a full-on rating.

But here are a couple of quick teaser stats…

  • Captures high-definition video at 30 frames per second
  • Captures 8 megapixel still pictures
  • Uses MMC or SD memory, including SDHC
  • Saves up to 4 hours of high-definition video on a single 8GB SDHC card
  • Available for $130

Nearly everyone who saw it last week was jotting down the make and model, saying I am ordering one of those tomorrow!

There’s only one thing I wish was different about mine…

I'd slap Crimson Tide stickers on that so fast, it would make Nick Saban's head spin!

Totally digging that red version. And here in Crimson Tide country, choice of color is a sometimes.

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March 22, 2008

Never Doubt Eric Ligman

Never thought I'd see the day, but SBSC on a NASCAR ride? Now I've seen everything!

I’ll admit it.

I thought Eric was kinda joking last week when he asked me via e-mail…

By the way, are you a Nascar fan? Ever thought of putting your logo on a car as a sponsor?

But I should have known better. When Ligman speaks, astounding things happen.

And I have to say…

I think the SBSC sponsorship of a NASCAR team’s a pretty cool idea. Best of all, Microsoft’s doing something serious to get the SBSC logo out in front of people. Non-IT people, that is.

Of course, you knew I’d have to take the liberty of ‘chopping in BWT’s arrowhead, just to see…

BWT goes racing, boys. Ohhhh YAY-UH! 

Oh yeah…that could work!

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March 20, 2008

I’m In Redmond This Week

Campus is the perfect word for this place. Feels like being back in school. Except without the marching, the protesting, and the tuition hikes.

Just a quick note that I’m on Microsoft’s campus the rest of this week.

I did get clearance to let it be known that I’m working on an exam in Building 40.

If I tell you anything else tho, I’ll have to kill you. That’s fully outlined in the NDA, altho the word “kill” doesn’t actually appear. Evidently Microsoft Linguistics doesn’t approve of the finality implied in that language, so they prefer “neutralize” or “suppress.”

Got a nice surprise this morning when none other than fellow MVP and all around superhero Amy Babinchak walked out of the same hotel I’m staying at to catch the shuttle to campus. Lo and behold, me and Lady Firewall are working on the same exam.

And then Steven Lai, another SBS MVP, ambled into Building 40 while we were waiting to sign in at reception. Again, same exam.

Always nice to see some familiar faces.

So I’m here until Friday.

If you’re on campus and would like to meet, either drop me a message or post a comment here at the Funcave.

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