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May 24, 2008

Applying ROM Updates To Windows Mobile Devices

NOTE: This is another information transplant from the now-deceased Funboard.

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided as-is, with no warranty or liability assumed from your use of it.

Here’s the sequence of steps used by the robot horde when upgrading any Windows Mobile device. There may be device-specific instructions from the particular device OEM/operator that overrule this sequence.

CAUTION: We only recommend loading officially released updates supplied by the device OEM/operator.

  • Document existing ROM version of device
  • Document existing ActiveSync/WMDC profile settings on device
  • Download existing ROM version installer from device OEM/operator to PC
  • Fully charge device
  • Sync all valid data from device to PC using ActiveSync/WMDC
  • Disconnect device from PC
  • Update ActiveSync/WMDC version on PC to compatible version (major release changes only)
  • Power off/on device
  • Create full backup on device using 3rd party backup utility, such as spbBackup (PPC) or IBE Backup (SM) 
  • Save backup file to memory card, if available
  • Delete synchronization profile on device (major release changes only)
  • Connect device
  • Copy backup file to PC using “Guest” connection
  • Disconnect device
  • Reboot PC
  • Power off device
  • Remove memory card, if available
  • Power on device
  • Disable radio & all other comm functions
  • Execute new ROM version installer
  • Connect device when prompted
  • Wait for completion
  • Power off/on if prompted by installer
  • Verify successful device boot
  • Check OS function by launching programs on device
  • Connect to PC
  • Reconfigure synchronization (major release changes only)

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