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May 12, 2008

So, How Was The NOLA Conference For You?


This weekend’s conference in New Orleans really seemed to go well for a lot of folks, both from the perspective of having fun and getting valuable info. And I’m glad, because the best way to get value out of any conference is when said conference is both fun, and eye-opening.

I was involved as a presenter in 2 sessions. The first was a panel discussion on data storage called Business Data Placement: The New Paradigms, which discussed both the current file system paradigms and the incomprehensibly slow march to SharePoint.

Honestly, we prolly should have just called it Why SharePoint Matters (to SMB)

I got to work with the ever-amazing Amy Babinchak, my MVP Summit roommate Kevin “The Human Alarm Clock” Weilbacher, Chuck Traywick, and our fantastic moderator Eriq Neale. That session really came together in some ways I don’t think any of us were fully aware would happen, which rocked.

The second session I did was called Why Mobile Matters (for SMB).

The response I received to that session has, quite literally, blown me away! I was nearly mobbed throughout the rest of the conference by folks eager to do more with Windows Mobile for the benefit of their customers and their own businesses.

So super big HUGE thanks to everyone (and there sure were a LOT of you) who attended my session on Mobility. Most heartening to me were all the people who said things like…

You’ve really given me a lot to think about.

I’ve already mapped out changes I’m planning to make when I get back.

I never felt like I could make it work, but you’ve given me a starting place to rethink that.

I even got a congratulatory text message from a certain outspoken Floridian not even in attendance who heard how smashingly it went.

Believe me, it’s a good good feeling knowing that so many folks got some much motivation toward rethinking and reshaping the way they are delivering services to their customers from hearing my session.

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  1. Hey Chris,

    I wish I could have been there. Glad you had a good time and you were mobbed. You are a rock star in my eyes. ;)

    I think that mobilty is huge.


    comment by kevin beares — May 13, 2008 @ 11:51 am

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