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June 26, 2008

Hyper-V Just Shipped!

Hyper-V is like your own personal time machine. For your IT infrastructure, anyway.

The officially official version of Hyper-V just hit the download site today at noon Pacific time.

In an amazing feat of time-warping, this post was sent back in time to coincide with the exact moment of Hyper-V’s release.

Before you go all crazy downloading and installing Hyper-V, remember that upgrading your virtualization platform takes some planning and forethought…

If you care at all whether your virtual machines will still work, that is.

Some standard cautions about new versions of Hyper-V…

  • Once you put Hyper-V RTM on, there’s no removing it.
  • Virtual machines in a paused or saved state usually can’t be upgraded.
  • Before you do anything else, export a copy of your virtual machines to an external drive exactly as you want them preserved.
  • Archive all your exports into .zip files, so you don’t blow your only shot at an import later.
  • Snapshots might not survive an upgrade. So merge your changes before shutting down your virtual machines for the upgrade. But push those exports first!
  • Don’t forget to install the new Integration Services at some point, once you’ve verified your machines are all happy and working on the final release.

And for Pete’s sake…

  • Keep a copy of the current version of Hyper-V that you are running, just in case. Otherwise, the export copies you pushed will be less than worthless.

In fact, why don’t you store that copy of Hyper-V used to make the export copies right WITH the export copies, so you’ll always have it if you need it.

In case the absolute very worst happens.

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