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October 31, 2008

Sleeping Pumpkin

Thanks to my two small daughters, this time of year becomes a non-stop parade of crowns, magic wands, and taffeta and satin gowns.

Apple of My Eye is always very concerned that I don’t ever have a costume picked out for Halloween. After all, it’s something she spends months carefully deciding. Big stuff when you’re a kid, since it’s a whole ‘nother YEAR before you can dress up again.

So when it came time to carve a pumpkin this year, both Apple of My Eye and Cute as a Button had definite ideas about what they wanted.

AoME doesn’t like scary stuff at all. To the point that she doesn’t even like to think that villains are anything worse than naughty scamps. CaaB is more fearless, but even she prefers fun scary to the scary scary. Altho, it is important to note that CaaB is afraid of neither Cybermen nor Daleks, but is scared of ghosts.

So the choice was obvious…Sleeping Beauty.

Someone else took care of the heavy lifting. Namely, the thankless job of scooping out the pumpkin guts and scraping the inside wall of the pumpkin.

Then I got busy with a template and some carving tools. An hour or so later, I had this…

OK OK, so it doesn't look like all that much in the light. And yes, it's been a couple of days, so it's starting to dry out, which is why some of the thinner pieces have warped just a bit.

Which is already pretty cool. But NOTHING beats what it looks like with the lights out…

Yep, that right there is wicked badass. If I do say so myself.

Already looking forward to next year. I’m laying odds it will be Tinkerbell.

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October 31, 2008

Essential Business Server With A Side of SharePoint

For anyone who's ever had to administer a SharePoint installation, that management add-in is a site for sore eyes. I mean, sight.

The official SharePoint Services Add-In for Essential Business Server was just released.

Not only does it install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SP1, it also integrates SharePoint managment into EBS’ fantabulous Administration Console

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when installing:

  • The add-in can only manage an instance of SharePoint that has been installed on the Management Server. You can still install SharePoint on another server, but the Administration Console won’t be able to touch it.
  • The add-in won’t install if SharePoint Services is already installed on the Management Server. You will need to uninstall SharePoint on the Management Server first, then install the add-in.
  • If available, use a SQL database for your SharePoint installation. Trust me on this. You can thank me later.

You can grab the add-in here:

The core value of Essential Business Server is the inclusion of management features of a level rarely seen in its target market. So if you’re like me and have been putting Essential Business Server through its paces, go get your SharePoint on to really see what EBS’ heralded Add-In support is all about.

I’ll be posting up my results with it when I get a chance to wring it out some.

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October 27, 2008

T-Shirts Of The SEC: Georgia Bulldogs

Even though distemper has seized Bulldog nation, I’m willing to risk the rabies.

Richt's running out of motivational tricks. Maybe teaching the Dawgs to sit up, beg, roll over?

Wonder what they’ll cook up when the handbags come to town this week.

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October 27, 2008

T-Shirts Of The SEC: Alabama Crimson Tide

Couldn’t leave my beloved Tide out of the game for long.

Yea Alabama! Crimson Tide! My favoritism bothering you? Go start your own damn blog then!

There’s only one messiah walking the Earth in T-town now, and he preaches the finishing of games. Hallelujah.

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October 27, 2008

T-Shirts Of The SEC: Florida Gators

Of course, you know the handbags were gonna be next.

Doesn't Florida remind you of those bitchy girls in junior high? The ones who pick on other chicks mercilessly. Then when they get a dose of their own medicine, they whine and cry like 3 year olds?

Notice how I didn’t even use the words “Gator” or “Stomp” in this post. Until now, that is.

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