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April 30, 2009

And These. These Are My People….

After dinner last night, the entire Career Express team headed to Target. It was just like a Susan Bradley Mountain Dew run, except without any Mountain Dew in any of the carts at all.

Christopher and Elese, pondering the cornucopia of awesome that is Target.

What were some of the things people did get?

  • Water…lots and lots of water
  • Candy
  • Trail mix
  • More candy
  • Music

And because it was Target, there’s a whole other level of affectation required…

This reminds me of a joke I heard once. Wanna hear it?

But while we were waiting for everyone to finish checking out, I noticed something that, quite simply, take this bus tour to a whole other level of kickass…

What's Ken got in his cart right there?

Of course, I had to know…

Awwww HELL Yea! Sweet Home!

Drunk with our newfound scores, we promptly got lost in the economy-sized elevator…

How in the world did we manage to get lost one floor away?

You know why? Because we’re the creme de la creme, that’s why!

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