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April 27, 2009

Meet Your Fairy Godmother

Or at least, the closest you’ll ever get to one anyway.

Yep...that's MOM aka WOW right there. She had just finished re-attaching my severed right arm, and was just about to do something about that 'drunken brawl' hair I'm sporting. Until Nick interrupted with a camera, and she never got a chance to fix it. Also, even Marie was powerless to make whatever they were trying to pass off as eggs palatable.

This is Marie. As in Marie McFadden. Her nickname has alway been her initials, which spell MOM. But after what I’m about to tell you, Marie will be turning your world upside-down in a way that should make you stand up and cheer. Which means her nickname from now and forevermore will be MOM upside-down, or WOW.

And that’s all because Marie has freaking magical powers. 

Don’t believe me? While you were wishing on a star for someone to make your life easier, your business more profitable, and your stress level go down…

Marie and her team of enchanted sprites have been hard at work making that happen for you.

You see, Marie owns the worldwide Partner Managed Support Newsgroups. And when I say owns…I mean OWNS. As in, Marie is The Big Cheese. The Head Honcho. The Funk Hostess With The Mostest. The Shizz.

If it has to do with Partners and Managed Support via Newsgroups, this is her baby. And if you’re a Small Business Specialist, she’s basically giving you the best Christmas present ever…and in April no less!

Small Business Specialists have enjoyed an exclusive managed newsgroup which offers an astounding 4–hour response time for the low low cost of nothing! To this point, the products covered by this 4–hour support were limited to…

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Exchange Server
  • Windows Server
  • Windows SBS
  • Microsoft Office 2007 system

Well, as amazing as that has already been, Marie and her team have just strapped a rocket booster onto these 4–hour newsgroups, and are about to light the candle.

They are expanding the number of products covered by 4 hour response to over 50! And they aren’t padding this either with stuff like…the Legend of Aranna expansion pack for Dungeon Siege or some other such nonsense. No, we’re talking some SERIOUSLY serious stuff here. Check it out…

  • Dynamics: AX, CRM, GP, NAV, RMS, SL
  • Internet Technologies: IE, IIS
  • Messaging: Exchange Server, Live Communication Server, Exchange Client – OE and Windows Mail
  • Mobility: Office Mobile, System Center Mobile Device Manager, Windows Mobile
  • Office: Access, Accounting, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Project, Visio, Word, Office for Mac, Office Sharepoint, Setup & General Questions
  • Security:  Forefront, IAG, ISA, WSUS, SteadyState
  • SQL Server and SQL SRS
  • System Center: SCE, SCOM, SCCM, SCVMM
  • Virtualization: Virtual Earth, Virtual PC, Virtual Server
  • Windows Client: XP, Vista, Windows 7 RC Client
  • Windows Server: Windows Server, Windows Server 7 RC, SBS, EBS

The sheer number of stuff covered is nothing short of mind-boggling. You can even see that the Release Candidate of both Windows 7 Client AND Server are both covered already. And how much are they going to start charging for this amazing increase in service? A WHOPPING 50% increase over what you’re paying now for it!

That’s right…50% more of nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. It’s all still SCOT-FREE and EXCLUSIVE to Small Business Specialists.

If you can’t immediately see how much ass this kicks…then stop using a computer right now and go sell insurance. This offer should basically make every being in the known universe with a frontal lobe want to become a Small Business Specialist. And once you are, you should go check out these phenomenal newsgroups by going here and actuallly using them:

So when does all this magic happen? Why…right now. As soon as this post goes live at 9am, Pacific time, on this the 27th day of April, in the year of our Lord 2009.


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  1. Charlotte, NC. Man beaten half to death with Microsoft swag. Seen leaving the scene was a woman limping on a broken ankle mumbling something about being called “the man” on the Internet.

    More at 11.


    comment by Vlad Mazek — April 27, 2009 @ 12:44 pm

  2. Luckily for my health/unluckily for hanging with the coolest chick that works for Microsoft…

    WOW will still be in Shanghai when we roll through NC.

    comment by chris — April 27, 2009 @ 4:48 pm

  3. You be careful out there boys!


    comment by Mom — April 27, 2009 @ 8:24 pm

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