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April 16, 2009

One Froggy Evening

Man, if Michigan J. Frog doesn't qualify as an O.G. pimp, NO ONE DOES!

Well, the presentation on System Center Essentials and Essential Business Server went off pretty smoothly, all things considered.

I was coughing like a 3 pack a day smoker, had just barely gotten my demo environment stood up in time, and (in the interest of full disclosure) was still about 3 slides from finished when it was time to start the show.

Thankfully Jeff Loucks and Amy Babinchak helped out with the LM, especially handling Q&A and giving feedback during the presentation which helped me adjust on-the-fly, as needed, during the preso. There was really only one point I felt like this…


TIP: Never ask me about the best location for NAP components in EBS.

But you know what really made all the difference? What really kept stuff flying high last night?

The attendees. That’s right…YOU GUYS!

The talk was a little bit business, but a whole lot rock-n-roll. I like to inject interactivity, to keep things lively and fresh and keep people engaged. But last night was dead silent because most folks weren’t using mics, and those who were did VERY WELL at muting them when not speaking (thanks for that guys!). But still…the vacuum of space always kinda freaks me out a little. What else would you expect from the White Noise MVP? All I can say is…thank goodness for that handy seat color palette.

In the end tho, the reason the attendees rocked was because a whole heaping bunch of folks, particularly from MS, pushed out last minute announcements about the meeting to a whole bunch of different blogs and other locations. Team NewBlood in action, baby!

And the result?

The attendee list during the LiveMeeting was about 90% brand-new names. Folks who kept firing in some good questions, even if they weren’t all on topic. And since LAST NIGHT…the EBSUserGroup on Yahoo has added 10 new members already!

Ev-r-y-bo-dy do the EBS raaaaaaaaaag!

Not bad for a dancing frog, huh?

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