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April 27, 2009

Should We Stay Or Should We Go?

The name of this photo is 'Afton Canyon' and it's by a photographer named Keith Burgess. This photo copyright 2007 and all rights reserved by Keith Burgess. Extra special thanks to Mr. Burgess for the use of this totally kickass photo here at the Funcave.

It has been one non-stop set of planning meetings here at the Funcave all weekend long. Trying to wrangle my personal logistics into shape for the cross-country bus trip to Tech-Ed next month isn’t impossible, but ain’t exactly a walk in the park either.

But you know what the best part of this whole thing has been/will be? Getting in touch with and making plans to hang out with all my pals across the country as the Career Express Tour goes along.

First thing everyone has been asking is…

So how long will you be in town? Time for dinner/drinks/mayhem?

Here’s the deal, folks. In some places we stay overnight in hotels. In others, we can’t because we have to drive through the night to get to our next destination on time.

When we stay somewhere overnight, there’ll be plenty of time for hanging out after hours. When we don’t stay overnight…well, there pretty much won’t be any after-hours time. That’s not to say there aren’t other options, like hanging out during the day.

So here are the cities where we’ll be staying overnight

4/30 Atlanta

5/1 Atlanta

5/3 Philadelphia

5/4 Cincinnati

5/7 Denver

5/9 Phoenix

5/10 Las Vegas (Yeah Baby YEAH!)

5/11–15 Los Angeles (Tech-Ed)

And here are the cities where we’ll be driving overnight

5/2 Greensboro, NC

5/5 Indianapolis

5/6 Kansas City

5/8 Santa Fe

So you can figure the top group of places definitely offers some chillaxin’ time. The bottom group? Not so much, but also not completely hopeless either.

Don’t forget to check the list of official Career Express Tour events, and sign up for one (or more) if you’d like to attend those.

But any after-hours get-togethers? I’ll be posting up info about what’s shakin’ right here at the Funcave.

Let’s call it…The Career Express, After Dark.

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