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April 12, 2009

Slam Dunking The Mid-Market, 5W/50 Style!

Yes, that is the incomparable Mister Jordan, competing in the NBA Slam Dunk competition his rookie year.

Last Friday I gave a webcast as part of the 5W/50 Series for Microsoft Partners. Titled “Adding Windows Essential Business Server to Your Infrastructure Practice,” the talk was almost completely focused on the business value of Essential Business Server, including why EBS should matter to both mid-market businesses and why you, as a Partner, might want to think about servicing that piece of sweet sweet candy known as mid-market.

Thanks muchly to everybody who came by to listen. Hopefully the session offered you some more insight into why EBS kicks more ass than a biker convention. If you weren’t able to make it, the session was recorded and is now available for on-demand viewing. Here’s a signup link for the recorded archive:

The sound recording came out very good, but my infamous “edge-to-edge” approach with Powerpoint graphics meant some stuff got moved around on the slides during the upload to LiveMeeting. So you might want to grab the slide deck from the 2009 5W/50 SkyDrive location and follow along using a local copy. Here’s a direct link to the deck (URL pre-shrunk for your convenience):

This is just the first in a LONG line of public stuff I’ll be doing this year. Will be posting the full-on schedule next week.

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