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April 17, 2009

TechNet’s Putting A Tiki Hut In Your Own Backyard

Let me tell you what...I've seen some of the stuff that's coming. Stuff that'll be talked about on this tour. You will KICK yourself if you miss it!

Next Monday, April 20, the IT Pro Tiki Hut Tour blasts off for the East region in none other than Huntsville…Alabama’s very own Rocket City. Spearheaded by Blain Barton, MS Evangelist Extraordinaire, this FREE tour will be visiting 10 different cities through June 4. The fact that Blain’s leading it should already be enough to pack the room. If there’s anyone I’ve ever met who fits the term “rock star” in the IT world, it’s this guy…

If you guys think I'm hyper...Blain makes me look like I'm frozen in carbonite. Now THAT'S saying something!

Now, it’s my personal opinion that this tour will kick so much ass, you’ll prolly go blind. Which means if you’re anywhere within striking distance of Huntsville, you should pretty much freaking be there. And altho it could have started somewhere else, like in FL or Boston or pretty much anywhere else…Huntsville is Ground Zero. Basically, where we’re lighting this candle. 

I say “we” because I’ll be there, presenting two of the three sessions planned that day. Here’s what I’ll be talking about…

Session 2:  Windows Security and Application/Driver Compatibility

This session discusses security, data protection with the new “Bitlocker-To-Go”, rich support tools like Reliability Monitor, Resource Monitor, Windows Recovery Environment, the new System Restore and Problem Steps Recorder.  We also cover application control using group policy and implement simple rule structures that include working with an application to Allow, Exception or Deny the installation.  We’ll also discuss Group Policy Preferences and how a User can change their own policy settings!

Session 3:  Windows 7 Beta Sneak Peek

The way Microsoft develops Windows has changed.  We’ll discuss the changes we have made in Windows Vista that will affect Windows 7 such as hardware, search as well as discuss new features that work with Windows Server 2008 R2 like DirectAccess™, a new network paradigm enables same experience inside and outside the office and makes seamless access to network resources increasing productivity of mobile users.  We also will discuss BranchCache ™, which caches content downloaded from file and web servers, users in the branch can quickly open files stored in the cache, which frees up network bandwidth for other uses.

If all that’s not enough to get you to come hang with us, check out what else is happening…

  • Hawaiian pizza
  • Tons of giveaways
  • A Windows 7 Beta DVD for every registered attendee

I can tell you that space is filling up quick. So unless you wanna get stuck leaning against a wall in a standing-room-only kinda way, register now! Here’s the signup link for Huntsville:

And if that’s STILL not enough…

Some people call him The Space Cowboy...

Fuzzy the Bulldog will be there…because he’s always wanted to be a space cowboy.

Hope to see you there!

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