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April 24, 2009

Where I’ll Be In 2009 Redux

 My other car is a JETPACK! I made this kickass pic into a piece of even more kickass Facebook flair. Ping me if you want me to send it to you!

Forget the whirlwind. 2009 now feels like someone just strapped a jetpack to my back and flipped the “On” switch without telling me. Problem is…the person who did that? Me!

Here’s the latest rundown with relevant links to all the talks, places, and conferences currently on my schedule.


14 – Webcast: Using System Center Essentials with Essential Business Server

20 – IT Pro Tiki Hut Tour, Huntsville AL (click to register)

27 – IT Alliance, Atlanta GA (cancelled)


1 thru 11 – The Career Express Tour, Atlanta GA, Charlotte NC, Philadelphia PA, Cincinnati OH, Indianapolis IN, St. Louis MO, Kansas City KS, Denver CO, Santa Fe NM, Phoenix AZ, Las Vegas NV, Los Angeles CA

11 thru 15 – Tech-Ed North America 2009, Los Angeles CA (click to register)

15 thru 17 – SMB Summit, Dallas TX (OFFICIALLY POSTPONED)


1 – IT Pro Tiki Hut Tour, Pensacola FL (click to register)


13 thru 16 – Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, New Orleans LA (click to register)


17–20 – CMP XChange ‘09, Washington DC (tentative)


2 thru 4 – SMB Nation, Las Vegas NV (tentative)

You know what really rocks tho? A new service call TripIt. Besides helping me track all my travel info in one super easy-to-use spot, TripIt also shows me which of the people I’m linked to will be nearby at the same time. Social networking for travel, which rocks! If nothing else, it helps cut down immensely on all the “You gonna be there? I dunno, YOU gonna be there?” back-and-forth that typically happens in the back channel around events.

You can sign up for TripIt at If you want to add me as a TripIt contact after you join, jump here:

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