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August 22, 2009

Gear To Get Your Butt In Gear

Rock climbing is pretty much out for me, since the neck rebuild. But I have to admit it looks darn cool.

Good intentions don’t really mean much. Sure, you can vow to go rock-climbing, but if you never actually do anything about learning how to do it, and making sure you have the appropriate gear to help you learn, what happens? You’ll very quickly become a damp stain at the bottom of a rock face, that’s what.

In the spirit of getting back on track, August has officially been dubbed “Gear To Get Your Butt In Gear” month at What that means is I’m giving away a bunch of stuff, gratis, simply for filling out various super-short surveys (1–2 minutes to finish tops).

All the giveaways this month have been chosen to reflect one general idea: If you really want something to happen, well it’s really up to you to actually GO make it happen, Cap’n.

And the biggest giveaway so far?

Vouchers worth up to 20% off any MS exam, worldwide, hands-down. The exam discount giveaway has been ON FIRE, with folks responding from all over the world. You can find more details about this and all the rest of the active giveaways, including hyperlinks to the entry surveys, at

All discount vouchers issued from August 27, 2009 onward will be good for only 10% off, worldwide. So if you want to save yourself that additional 10 points on the cost of an exam, you MUST act quickly!

Thing is, ANY MCT in good standing who has signed up for the MCT Rewards program can issue the same vouchers. So if you don’t want to get them from me, ask your local MCT. It doesn’t matter WHO you get them from, just that you GET them…and then that you USE them.

Tjeerd, sacked out on the sidewalk outside our hotel in Colorado, just before we were about to roll out for the day's events.

As my good pal Tjeerd, who’s the global head of the MCT Program and the only human I’ve known to be able to be well-rested after sleeping on asphalt and concrete, would say “If you want to rock-n-roll, then you have to both ROCK and ROLL!”

So get up, go forth, and become your own rock star, folks.

Readiness rocks!

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