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November 13, 2007

Inside Outside The Android

Holy CRAP! It's the final Cylon model!

Well…it’s been little more than Android-a-palooza here at the Funlab today.

I guess the robot horde was more than a tad pent-up, what with the interminable wait for a couple of other telecom-ish items to either arrive or drop from Microsoft, Palm and AT&T.

So when OHA offered up the Android SDK yesterday like a sacrificial lamb…

The mechanized wolfpack here at the Funplex pounced on it like, well…

A very pouncy thing.

But we’ve managed to get some quality time with the emulator, and grabbed some screenies for you to peep. So many that we’re starting a whole new Funlab series on installing and using the Android SDK. 

Funlab 0.x, to be exact.

Try not to drool all into your keyboard.

Continue reading this post at the Funboard (free registration required)

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August 24, 2007

We Were Centurions

I know that Klaus Edwards, at least, will appreciate this…

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October 26, 2006

while we’re talking about bsg…

question: so what do mothership & bsg have in common?

answer: as it turns out, mothership just so happens to be sponsoring a series of bsg-related webisodes at sci-fi channel’s site.

the webisodes, in fact, fill in some backstory about the resistance movement.


in an obvious fit of genius, the webisode series was titled, cunningly enough…

the resistance

lo and behold…

someone with an actual sense of humor came up with mothership’s tie-in ad that shows on the page with the web series. check it out…

reminds me of the ‘spinal tap’ windows media player 11 ad that v talked about a while ago.

and whenever i see something with some actual wit come from mothership…

i automatically think of you had me at ehlo, the fantabulous exchange team blog.

as yours truly has proclaimed loudly & often here at the funcave…

the exchange team should serve as the model for which all of mothership’s product teams approach their online presence & interaction with the world outside their own development “bubble.”

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October 26, 2006

you’re a frackin’ awesome machine…

so say we all!

so much better than the one with lorne green!

 adama is da man!

if you are any kind of bsg fan whatsoever, you owe it to yourself to check out this video.

and yeah…season 3 fracking ROCKS beyond words.

which is why yours truly hasn’t posted about it yet.

yeah…that’s the ticket!

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April 10, 2006

so queenie just kicked it up a notch…

for those who don’t know…

our beloved queenie has gone serious.

as in, she’s ready to start unleashing both barrels of the super awesome goodness that is her business-building expertise.

think bfg9000…

except that instead of ripping big, bloody & gaping holes through you, getting hit by this stuff helps shower you and your business with money…

if you’re willing to listen up, that is.

so…if i were you…

i’d be getting my tail over to her new blog, pronto.

and be ready to get your biz on!

now your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy must admit to feeling a bit of pressure to get serious as well.

i know, i know…laughable.

well…maybe just a little more serious.

who knows…maybe it’s just yours truly going through withdrawal from battlestar galactica being on summer hiatus.

oh yeah…that’s gotta be it.

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