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May 10, 2006

the funcave true hollywood story: q&a logs

sorry it took so long, but posting the q&a stream from a webcast is a lot of fracking work…

besides the little matter of the surgery yours truly recently underwent, which obviously added a good bit of delay…

ron had to first check with ms corporate to make sure it was kosher to post the q&a logs at all…

and then your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy had the joyous task of cleaning the q&a logs.

you see, there are a couple of misconceptions about q&a logs, i think…

if what i saw during the webcasts is any indication.


yours truly answered, at best, only 1 or 2 questions the entire crown jewels series.

this is very common, particularly in webcasts with live demos.

think about it…

with a 1 hour webcast, there is a very limited amount of time to present anything.

if, as a presenter, i stopped to answer even 1 question in the middle…

i wouldn’t have been close to getting through all the content.

and doing a live demo is like entering a time warp….

where the clock runs at about 3x its normal speed.


everybody wanted to know if the q&a would be posted after the webcast.

for some reason, i guess it’s too difficult to expect people to click in the q&a pane at the end, hit ctl+a, and the paste the q&a log into notepad.


that is the fastest and best way to get a copy of any q&a log.

not only that…

it’s an uncensored copy.

remember, the ones i’ve posted have been cleaned.

now, said cleaning involved:

  • removing any names or other identifiable info about attendees
  • removing the redundancy of questions naturally appearing twice in the log
  • cleaning up certain areas for clarity…like bundling followup questions together
  • removing any privately answered questions that were simply “shoutouts” to friends, etc.

and, worst of all…

  • removing all the lovely comments from a certain attendee i dubbed “the audio nazi”

nothing like doing a bunch of extra work after an event that forces you to read, all over again, the ravings of a nimrod.

if i wanted to do that, i’d go read a book by al franken or jon stewart.

anyway…the q&a logs are up, finally, on the crown jewels + post here at the funcave.

will be working on a couple of clarifications of some content in the webcasts, and gathering some answers for some questions that are still open.

i appreciate everybody’s patience with the time it’s taken for me to get this stuff done.

better late than never, right?


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May 9, 2006

yet another reason they had me at ehlo

this is kind of a followup to a request that came in on the q&a for crown jewels webcast #3.

someone asked if there was a screencast of how to enable the push-mail capability in windows mobile 5.0 with msfp.

yours truly jotted that down as something to do while recuperating over the next several weeks…

but lo and behold…

the good folks at the exchange team blog already beat me to it!

so if you’re looking for a good demo on enabling push-mail, check out this short, 10 minute screencast on that very subject. it even includes a demo of remote wipe, too.


now i’m just wondering what i should do with the mountains of free time i have, what with that little project off my plate…

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April 29, 2006

crown jewels +

hey folks…

first let me say how much i appreciate everyone who tuned in to the crown jewels webcast series.

thanks also to the sbs all-stars who joined us for part 3’s q&a. i appreciate so much all of them coming and helping out for the 1.5 hours it took to deliver that final part.

here is a list of the folks who helped staff the q&a dog pound all week:

session 1, 2 & 3

  • tim “dr. funkenstein” barrett

session 1 & 2

  • kevin royalty, sbs mvp

session 1 & 3

  • susan “the diva” bradley, sbs mvp

session 3

  • vlad “the vlad” mazek, exchange mvp
  • chad “the server nazi” gross, sbs mvp
  • jeff middleton, sbs mvp
  • amy “lady firewall” babinchak, isa server mvp
  • david overton, ms uk
  • mark stanfill, ms sbs pss
  • karl palachuk

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy created this post to serve as a launching pad for additional questions, followup information, clarification, etc.

so if there’s anything you’d like more info about concerning the content presented as part of crown jewels…

post a comment and let me know!

crown jewels archive recordings:

crown jewels pdfs:

crown jewels q&a logs:

pending questions from the q&a:

still looking through these, but hope to have a couple of items posted tomorrow.

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April 27, 2006

wow…wowee wow wow wow

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy feels so very very humble right now.

basically, the first part of the crown jewels webcast series for ts2 went off like clockwork yesterday.

and the attendance was…


150 attendees, out of 248 registered.

not only that…

but the comments posted to the q&a section at the end were so fantastically supportive and generous.

and believe me when i say…

that means so very very much to me right now, i can barely put it into words.

basically…for those who don’t know…

i severely injured my shoulder somehow nearly two weeks ago.

severely as in…

unbelievable pain shoots through my entire arm…

from my shoulder to my fingertips…


honestly, it feels as though someone is blowtorching my arm.

thanks to a lovely snafu and clusterfrack, i am unable to see a specialist until may 3rd.

so..i am on some serious meds just to keep from going insane from pain.

luckily, i was prescribed a daytime med that leaves me lucid.

so at least now i can do a bit of light work, and don’t pose a danger to any of my clients’ networks or equipment.

but it has been a real struggle to get this webcast series completed and delivered.

so because it’s been that much harder…

the great turnout, plus the kind words and comments mean that much more to me.

in the end…

i guess this whole post is just one super long-winded way of saying…

thanks everybody!

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April 25, 2006

come get your learn on!

that’s right kiddos…

just one more day until your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy hits the airwaves with a 3 part ts2 webcast series on small business server titled…

crown jewels of sbs

wednesday, thursday & friday this week yours truly & ron grattopp will be discussing the very best parts of sbs!

as in…

those parts of sbs that you can’t get anywhere else.

the bulk of each presentation will be a live demo, with a good dose of best practices, tips & tricks, and resources you can use.

but we’re mainly gonna talk about the business case for these features of sbs.

as in…

how these features can help you make more money supporting small business server.

here’s hoping this series will help dispel some of the myths concerning sbs and dissipate prejudice against sbs among partners

particularly the idea that sbs isn’t a real server.


gonna try to keep it a bit serious.

but with dr. funkenstein among those in the mosh pit…

all bets are off about how long my smart-aleck-colored glasses stay in my pocket.

you can find more info, including signup links, in the funcave archive here.

come join the fun!

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