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May 16, 2008

How Would I Know?

This painting is called 'Cup of Death.' Thought it was apropos. That would be the FB on the right. And on the left? Community Apathy.

A lot of interesting things happened in NOLA last weekend. Some of which I’m at liberty to discuss, some of which I’m not.

But by far, the most disconcerting had to be the number of people who said to me at one point or another during the conference…

Oh, I saw that you closed/killed the Funboard forum. I used that ALL THE TIME. I was sorry to see it go!


Ove the entire life of the Funboard, which was the Vanilla-based forum system used here at the Funcave, I personally accounted for over half the postings.

I simply couldn’t get anyone to talk at all.

And I just couldn’t understand why, either.

I thought I was posting intresting topics, especially for a starter board, etc. Open-ended stuff.

But two key stats from the Funboard tell a certain story.

There were 650+ members of the Funboard at the time of its closing.

But there were over 17,000 anonymous views. Now, that’s not accounting for multiple views from same computer, etc.

Still tho…that is a HORRIBLE conversion ratio.

No matter what, I chalk a good bit of the relative failure of the Funboard to a group of things I like to call The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly…

GOOD = Super strong content (which doesn’t generate discussion, simply lurkers/leechers)

BAD = No working notification module/plug-in for Vanilla

UGLY = The utter lack of support for it among my peers, including a few who were downright hostile toward it, ridiculing the effort to start a place where folks wouldn’t be, well…ridiculed for asking a simple question.

But even if that has been fixed, the simple fact of the matter is that if people don’t get off their own duffs, and support resources they find helpful…

Whether that support is monetary (FB was never a pay site, so this is not about a money thing), or simply posting a comment, question, a note of thanks, or whatever…

If no one takes the time to offer the kind of support that resource needs, then that resource will die.

That is a 100% stone cold guarantee.

R.I.P Funboard.

Evidently folks other than me miss you. Maybe there are more. Really tho…how would I know?

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May 7, 2008

Death Of The Funboard

Destroyer of Worlds

It’s official.

The Funboard AKA the FB has been permanently shuttered. This would be the official notice. Not planning to send anything about the closing via e-mail to any of the 650+ folks who registered for the FB, let alone its 17,000+ anonymous visitors.

Certain info may make it out of the wreckage, but no promises.

Were I someone else, I would prolly go on a long-winded rant about community, selling out, apathy, etc. But in the end, to be honest, community is a funny funny thing. Just as passion about something usually starts with just a couple of folks, so too does apathy. And where folks don’t see value…well, there’s no reason for them to be there.

Quite frankly, combine that with the disturbing lack of disclosure that’s been so evident lately…

I’m sick to the death of most of what I’m seeing. More than most of it, actually. So color me apathetic. Which means that maybe it’s catching?


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August 12, 2007

WiMo 6 Upgrade List Growing By Leaps & Bounds

The sheer number of Windows Mobile 6 updates that have been officially released to date is nothing short of staggering.

Super Robot Battle Force Action Go!

Over at the Funboard, the robot horde continues to track updates as they are announced or released. So if you want a quick.n.dirty way to snag the WiMo 6 upgrade for your oh-so-precious mobile device, you should check out FB’s list of WiMo upgrades, replete with download links.

Unfortunately, AT&T still hasn’t coughed up its promised updates for the 8525, Blackjack or the Treo 750.

Who Watches...?

So…we wait.

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July 22, 2007

Do Virtual Machines Dream Of Electric Backups?

Put another way…

How do you backup your virtual machines…and why do you back them up that way?

Periodic volume snapshots? Bit-level backup of your host OS and the associated virtual machine files?

Have you scripted some amazing piece of filesystem wizardry?

Are you still doing backups inside your guest OSs?

I think it’ll be interesting to see the different tools and techniques people are using.

So jet over to the Funboard and post your questions/musings/rantings. Good warmup for Mark’ visit at the end of this month.

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June 23, 2007

A Little Nip Here, A Little Tuck There

We're gettin' modernized!

So I let the robot horde loose at the Funcave today.

And boy did it need it!

We got to tinkering with all sorts of doo-dads and gizmos and whats-its.

So you might notice a couple of interesting additions here and there. Let me give you the nickel tour…

  1. Digg button = in the upper left corner of every post. For all you compulsive Diggers out there.
  2. Technorati Faves button = on the right, just under my mug shot there. For all you compulsive Technorati fans out there.
  3. Bookmark button = also on the right. Courtesy of those crazy kids at You can bookmark the Funcave using nearly every type of system out there from that one little button.
  4. Subscribe button = you guessed it…on the right. For folks who are too scared of that terrifying orange RSS block in the subhead up above. Works a lot like the Bookmark button, except for subscribing to the Funcave feed.
  5. Bookmark-A-Palooza = at the end of each post. Each and every icon is a unique button to submit the respective post to a different bookmarking service. Oh yeah…it looks like this:


More stuff going on behind-the-scenes here at both the FC and the FB. So don’t be a stranger…not when things are heating up!

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