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November 19, 2008

The Essential Business Server Speedrun

OK, so speed when installing EBS is kind of a relative term, given the size of the solution. But maybe these can help you shave a couple of hours.

With the number of times I’ve installed and re-installed the various builds of Essential Business Server over the last year, I’ve compiled a list of install notes and various shortcuts that have shaved my install time considerably.

All of these have been used for a lab environment only, inside Hyper-V. Installing EBS in a production environment may require different tactics. Here’s the initial list of topics, each of which will get its own post…

  • Configuring Virtual Networking for EBS
  • Configuring Virtual Machines for EBS
  • Time Synchronization in Hyper-V
  • EBS Core Operating System Installation
  • Getting EBS Planning Data Into Hyper-V
  • EBS Server Installation
  • Avoiding EBS Installation Errors
  • Testing EBS Licensing

FYI: I expect this list to grow over time.

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February 27, 2008

BarCampBirmingham2 Slated For April

This could be the last BarCampBirmingham EVER! So don't you DARE miss it!

Finally, the second iteration of BarCampBirmingham is a GO!

I was peeved beyond all measure at missing the inaugural BarCampBirmingham. I don’t plan to make the same mistake again.

BCB2 will take place from 9a-3p on Saturday, April 12th at the phenomenal Innovation Depot.

Just like last time, there will be a pre-event mixer from 8–11p on Friday, April 11th at the Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q in Five Points. 

For those of you who’ve never heard the term BarCamp before, well…check this out. And if you want to know Why? As in WhyBarCampBirmingham2, well…click here.

In the spirit of BarCamp, I’ve already started working on my merit badges…

  • Made the banner above using current BCB2 logo elements. Anyone who wants to use it for BCB2 promotion is free to snag a copy.
  • Made a couple of iCalender files for folks who want to quickly drop the mixer and/or BCB2 on their scheduling tool of choice.

I expect to be whipping up a few more trinkets and doo-dads here and there for BarCampBirmingham2 between now and April.

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November 13, 2007

Inside Outside The Android

Holy CRAP! It's the final Cylon model!

Well…it’s been little more than Android-a-palooza here at the Funlab today.

I guess the robot horde was more than a tad pent-up, what with the interminable wait for a couple of other telecom-ish items to either arrive or drop from Microsoft, Palm and AT&T.

So when OHA offered up the Android SDK yesterday like a sacrificial lamb…

The mechanized wolfpack here at the Funplex pounced on it like, well…

A very pouncy thing.

But we’ve managed to get some quality time with the emulator, and grabbed some screenies for you to peep. So many that we’re starting a whole new Funlab series on installing and using the Android SDK. 

Funlab 0.x, to be exact.

Try not to drool all into your keyboard.

Continue reading this post at the Funboard (free registration required)

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October 18, 2007

Don’t Wanna Be Your Monkey Wrench

Monkeywrench? Tastes like chickenshit to me...

Gonna be doing a bit of work on the ol’ Funcave tonight. Laying in the newest standalone version of the fantabulous Wordpress.

So if things look a little weird for a while, don’t worry. We haven’t been shut down by The Man, wrenched by The Monkees, or blown up by The Bolsheviks.

And BTW…

If me or any of the robot horde run into any of you self-proclaimed monkeywrenchers out there…

Expect to receive a serious asskicking. I’m not kidding.

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September 28, 2007

We Was Good Friends For A Long Long Time…

But Baby You Got Hungry For A Life Of Crime…

Notice anything different about me?

And I got hella tired of waiting for AT&T to get off its keister with the official Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 ROM.

So me & the robot horde basically told our carrier where they’re really ATT, in unison, with the universal sign language that they’re #1…

And tonight me and my titanium-clad posse went hella pirate rogue on their oh-so-precious hardware.

We Got The Neutron Bomb!

So now I’m the proud owner of a Treo 750 running the brand-spanking new Green Swirlie from those crazy kids what live and play up in Redmond.

No muss, no fuss…

And best of all…

No bricking!

Thanks in advance to the Denneys and friends for the title, some borrowed lyrics and some equally borrowed graphics…

Message From The Underworld...Hooga...Ooga...

Get The Message Now?

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