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January 29, 2010

Got R2 Haiku? Last Day To Vote!

R2 Haiku

The voting in Microsoft’s kickass R2 Haiku contest ends today. My entry about DirectAccess ended up being one of the nine finalists, which means I’m still in the running.

So if you don’t mind, take a second to hop over to the voting page and toss a vote my way.

To vote, just click the VOTE button under my entry (shown above). Login to Twitter when prompted, and then check that it recorded your vote by turning the VOTE button blue. Easy peasy.

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December 4, 2009

Top 10 Reasons The University Of Florida Picked Their Colors

Here lizard lizard...

Tomorrow at 4p EST in the Georgia Dome (broadcast on CBS), the Crimson Tide and the Florida handbags will crown the SEC champion, and effectively determine the NCAA national champion as well.

To commemorate the occasion, from the home office in Gordo, Alabama, the top 10 reasons the University of Florida picked their colors…

10. Glare completely hides Gainesville from human sight.

9. Who wouldn’t want to look like a walking box of Frosted Flakes?

8. Florida had the last pick in the SEC, right after LSU.

7. Makes UF fans more visible during drive-by shootings.

6. Acts like camoflauge to NCAA refs. Especially when holding, late-hitting, or eye-gouging.

5. Bobbled catches look like completions against that eye-warping background of orange and blue.

4. If they’re good enough for Clorox, they’re good enough for people who choose to live in a swamp.

3. Figured the Oregon Ducks could use some competition for “Lamest Uniform” award.

2. Color-blind friendliness means they care about inclusiveness for their inbred fanbase and alumni.

and finally…

1. Helps Florida players feel right at home in prison orange.

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August 22, 2009

For All You Mecha Lovers Out There

Smith & Tinker are the uber-cool folks who bought the FASA licensed properties back from Microsoft. Which really means only one thing…

Gigantic fighting mecha action!

This is REAL MechWarrior. Not that warmed-over Xbox crap version!

Check out the whole trailer for MechWarrior 5 right here. Yummay!

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June 21, 2009

The Ripple Effect AKA Women In Technology

Here’s what I’ve been doing this Father’s Day weekend…

Mindstorms NXT enters the Funlab AKA the kitchen table. Robotics FTW!

Apple of My Eye and Cute as a Button and I spent most of yesterday working in our brand-new Mindstorms NXT laboratory building, programming and testing robots. So far we’ve built the TriBot, Alpha Rex, and Spike AKA The Scorpion. Both of them dig getting the robots to do their bidding, altho CaaB’s reactions have been roughly akin to that of a diabolical robot horde overlord.

Where did this come from? Really from four things… read more…

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May 13, 2009

Things About The Bus Tour That I’ll Always Remember

It really was a beautiful as I thought it would be.

Yes, I know I was eerily silent during the bus tour, blog-wise. Funny thing is, despite all the time spent driving, stuff was always happening. We were headed somewhere all the time, unloading or loading swag, setting up the equipment for the AYC game. And connectivity was often hit-or-miss at the stops. It was all I could do just to get my scads of pics loaded to Facebook.

And once we got into the longer driving stretches for the stops between Kansas and L.A., there wasn’t a whole lot of connectivity to be had, period.

In some ways tho, blogging about it post-tour might be the only way for me to really get to the heart of what it was really like.

Things about the bus tour that I’ll always remember, in no particular order…

  1. Playing Two Truths and A Lie to learn about each other
  2. Getting my “bus” legs 
  3. Born To Run played live by Springsteen and the E Street Band
  4. Finding I can still hit correct pitches while singing Sex Pistols/Lenny Kravitz/Jimi Hendrix/Skynyrd/The Cult on Guitar Hero World Tour
  5. Ryan’s knee being used as more cowbell by Dana, repeatedly
  6. Having the coolest drivers ever, Mark and J
  7. Having a 2×4 and fries well-done at In-N-Out, my first time ever eating there
  8. Desert sunsets and sunrises
  9. Hanging with Vince in Denver
  10. 450 people at a stop in Kansas City
  11. Nearly every question in the live version of Are You Certifiable?
  12. Santa Fe and Bandalier National Park
  13. Hanging with Vince again in Vegas
  14. The amazingly delicious Brazilian steakhouse the final night in Vegas

Most of all tho…it’s the people I’ll remember. All the different folks we met along the way, and seeing old pals who came out to say “Heya,” just because I happened to passing close by. But it wasn’t just those folks.

I’m having serious entourage withdrawal from my fellow busmates. A few of them are still here at Tech-Ed this week, but most of them are already home. And I miss the heck out of them. Which completely blind-sided me, because I never expected that at all. One of us said it felt like we were a little family. Which we kinda were.

And that’s what I’ll always remember, most of all.

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