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November 2, 2008

T-Shirts Of The SEC: Louisiana State Tigers

[suggestion: play the Mortal Kombat theme song while reading this post]


LSU...where work-release coincides with gamedays!

Time for Alabama to pin the tail on the Tigers over in the spooky spooky romper room they like to call Death Valley.

This is the Saban Bowl. The most one-sided rivalry in all of college football. For Alabama fans, it’s just another SEC West matchup.

For the great unwashed masses of LSU fans, winning this game will be the closest the voodoo capital of North America ever comes to vanquishing a man they schizophrenically refer to as the Antichrist.

More than anything else though…

I wonder what crazy, cockamamie, bordering on insane tactics Les Miles will try to pull this year.

Mike Singletary already used the mind-blowingly Milesian tactic of dropping his pants in the locker room, albeit at halftime, a week ago. Maybe Miles will take it to the XTREEM!!!! and drop his on the sidelines during the game?

I’m sure the faithful LSU horde (of drunken Cajuns) will need something to smile about after Mr. Saban takes his team of +100 Asskicking south this coming weekend and reminds the swamp kitties how a real coach with talented players gets it done.

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August 29, 2008

Why Does Hyper-V Take A Kabillion Years To Delete A Virtual Machine?

The Tortoise and the Hyper-V...a modern fable.

Make no mistake about it.

I personally think Hyper-V is a seriously kickass slice of awesome from Microsoft. And if you aren’t at least checking it out, you’re really, truly and seriously missing out.

But it is abso-freaking-lutely INSANE how long it takes Hyper-V to fully delete a virtual machine if it has more than say…2 snapshots in it.

While doing some wickedly massive content dev recently, I was having to export some fairly large and semi-complex virtual machines, then fully wipe out them out before importing other fairly large and semi-complex virtual machines back in.

The export and import phases were awesome. Easily Hyper-V’s second best feature, only slightly behind the new snapshot feature.

But I literally would be waiting HOURS for the more involved virtual machines to finish detroying/merging/whatever.

Call me crazy…

But if I tell Hyper-V to “Delete” a given virtual machine, how freaking hard can it be to simply…oh I don’t know…dump the freaking contents of the virtual machine directory, and then clean its references out of Hyper-V?

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June 8, 2008

Losing More Than It

You have to see this.

Watch closely at the start of the video, to see what lights this candle.

Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane – Watch more free videos

That’s right, someone knocking over a stack of papers.

Here’s the last half, in color and with sound.

Office Worker Meltdown Second Angle – Watch more free videos

What I really don’t understand is…

There’s a door. More than one. So why didn’t more of those folks use one and get the h-e-double-hockey-stick out?

When crazy people go crazy, it’s time to get as far away from them as humanly possible.

Watch closely for how this guy get subdued. Please tase him, bro!

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May 29, 2008

Where Has All The Memory Gone?

What is with the CACHING!?!?

Weird weird issue on the normally kickass server here at the Funcave, which just so happens to be named Charlene. As in…

The name of this server is CHARLENE, SIR!

Tried to copy a 45GB VHD file to our girl…

A file which came courtesy of someone who just so happens to have a pink blog

No matter how many different ways I tried to copy the file, Charlene eventually got into a totally frozen state. No matter if I tried to copy directly from USB HDD, via network client, or copying from another share, eventually Charlene would become totally unresponsive at the console, sever all network connects, etc.

Now Charlene’s a badass in her own right…

  • HP ML350 
  • 2Ghz single quad-core Xeon
  • 19 GB RAM
  • 80 GB OS volume
  • 250 GB Data volume

Charlene’s running…

  • Windows Server Standard 2008 x64
  • Hyper-V RC1

Seeing all kinds of weirdness trying to copy files to/from her.

All the mayhem starts when Free Physical Memory drops to sickeningly low levels.

Anyone with any serious knowledge of what’s going on wanna ping me? I’m talking Windows Server team, etc. Or anyone with the last name of Russinovich.

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May 23, 2008

Say It Ain’t So Jones! Say It Ain’t So!

This minifig woul dhave been more believable as Indiana Jones than Harrison Ford. Seriously.

Let me come right out and get this review over with in one sentence, for those of you who have important things to get done…

The new Indiana Jones movies TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY SUCKS!

Yep, I said it.

Don’t waste your money on this tired old gasbag of a movie.

In fact, I won’t waste your time going into the innumerable ways it sucks.

But I will tell you this…

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Oh-Who-Gives-A-Damn-Anyway makes Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom look like an Oscar-worthy MASTERPIECE by comparison.

Which I’m sure will make Kate Capshaw very happy.

Instead of telling you all the ways that the latest Indiana Jones delivers every cliche and hackneyed idea that has been put to film for the last 27 years…

Ever since Raiders of the Lost Ark basically kicked the ass of every action movie that had come before it, not to mention all that have come since…

I will instead share with you all the alternate titles I came up with while waiting for this pig of a movie to end tonight…

Raiders of the Aching Lumbago

Indiana Jones and the Search for the Golden Geritol

Indiana Jones Soils His Depends

Indiana Jones and the Last Sandwich (which he promptly gives to his anorexic girlfriend, Ally McBeal)

Indiana Jones and the Quest for Even More Special Effects

Indiana Jones and the Sequel of Doom

Raiders of the Last Nerve

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Gullible Viewers

Indiana Jones and The Final Sellout

Raiders of the Last Box-Office

Indiana Jones and the Lost Cliches

Raiders of My Last $10

Feel free to post up your own opinion, or alternate title suggestion.

But if you want my advice…

Wait for this piece of felgercarb to hit the video store.

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